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Product review: Wet N Wild Magnetic Nail Color

Sorry about the dearth of posts this week–I’ve been recovering from minor surgery and the post-op meds made me too fuzzy-headed to put together anything coherent for QCP. (Hence the lack of a Friday post.) But now that I’m back, I wanted to share my opinion on a new nail polish I spotted at Walgreens.

Wet N Wild is famous for creating less-expensive dupes of your favorite cosmetic products, so it was only a matter of time before they jumped on the magnetic nail polish bandwagon. I saw their magnetic polishes on a special counter display at Walgreens and have no idea if they’ll be coming to the regular side counter display in the future.

Product: Wet N Wild Magnetic Nail Polish, $5, drugstores

Claim: The built-in magnet in the cap causes particles in the polish to move, forming a striped pattern.


I tried it: I’ve been waiting and waiting for a cruelty-free company to come out with a line of magnetic polishes available at the regular ol’ drugstore for a reasonable price. So you can imagine that I was super-excited when I saw this WNW display! I picked up a copper shade, “I Won’t Repel You” for testing.
Here’s the very first thing I’ll say: don’t follow the directions. No, seriously, the directions on the cap tell you to hold the magnet over the wet polish for “five to ten seconds”. In my experience, that isn’t nearly enough time for the pattern to form. Here’s what I did:
  1. Paint each nail with one coat of the polish; let dry very thoroughly.
  2. Paint one nail with the polish and immediately hold the magnet over the nail, being careful not to let the magnet touch the polish. Hold for 20-30 seconds.
  3. Repeat on each remaining nail.

Why do I stress painting each nail individually–and waiting so long on each one? Well, the polish dries pretty quickly, so if you don’t “magnetize” it while it’s still wet, the pattern won’t pull. Also, if you don’t hold the magnet in place long enough, the pattern won’t pull.

Here’s where my excitement was dampened somewhat: while the pattern turned out great on my left hand, the stripes were barely visible or nonexistent on my right:


What’s going on here? Well, I’m a righty, so when I’m applying anything with my left hand it’s going to be a bit shaky. My theory is that the magnet in the cap isn’t that strong, so any amount of shaking means it can’t effectively move the polish. That’s why my left hand (holding the magnet in my right) was fine, while my right hand (holding the magnet in my left) was only so-so.

I do think the striped effect is very cool and as a bonus, this is a lovely full-coverage metallic even without the magnet–just in case you’re not into the whole patterned-nail look.

My vote: Worth trying. I love the color and the striped effect is cool, but I’m bummed that it’s not so easy to get an even stripe effect on both hands. If you’re dying to try the magnetic nail trend and have steady hands (or a steady-handed friend to help you), then it’s well worth trying; even if you don’t end up magnetizing the polish every time, it’s a gorgeous copper metallic that will probably see plenty of wear anyway.

Copy Katy Perry’s Yin-Yang manicure from the September cover of Elle!

I fell head over heels for Katy Perry on the September cover of Elle. From her dress to her hair to her makeup to her wild manicure, she’s the picture of rebellious perfection. In fact, I loved her manicure so much that I decided to copy it for myself!

Yin-Yang manicure

Here’s a how-to for recreating Katy’s Yin-Yang manicure yourself:

1. Start with 2-3 thin coats of white nail paint on the left two-thirds of each nail. (You can also paint the whole nail if you’d like, but it isn’t necessary.)

2. Use a fine-point Sharpie marker or a nail art pen to draw the Yin-Yang shape on each nail.

3. Fill in the right side of each Yin-Yang with black nail polish.

4. Use a bobby pin or a fine eyeliner brush to add a white dot to each black section and a black dot to each white section.

5. Finish with 1-2 coats of glossy topcoat to protect your manicure!

Nail Polish of the Month: Wet N Wild Wild Shine Nail Color in Sunny Side Up

I’m in the mood for one last burst of color fun before summer ends. Hence, this month’s nail polish pick, a light, bright orange that makes me happy just by looking at it:

Wet N Wild Wild Shine Nail Color in Sunny Side Up; $1, drugstores

This is a very light shade, so I applied three coats to get an opaque finish. I also started with one coat of base coat and finished with a couple of coats of top coat for staying power.

Black and gold glitter mani

Here’s a very simple, but totally fun manicure idea: a black and gold glitter mani.

Black and gold glitter mani

I used a base coat, two coats of black polish for an opaque base, two coats of Wet n Wild Fergie Nail Polish in Glamorous, and a couple of coats of clear top coat for shine and durability.

I love the rock-n-roll glamour feel of this manicure. As a bonus, all of the topcoat makes it nigh on indestructible for a full week, so your hard work won’t chip away too quickly!

Wet n Wild Fergie nail polishes!

I finally spotted the new Wet n Wild Fergie nail polishes at Walgreens—but let me warn you, if you’re hunting for the display, snap up any colors while you can: the displays are emptying out FAST and there’s no word on whether these polishes will move to a permanent fixture anytime soon!

I managed to scoop up three bottles of the limited edition polish, shown here. There are a couple dozen shades on the rack, from brights to glitters to metallics, but these are the three that really caught my eye: Grammy Gold, Glamorous, and Tonight’s Gonna Be A Good Night.

Wet n Wild Fergie nail polishes, left to right: Grammy Gold, Glamorous, and Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night

If you can find them, the WNW Fergie nail polishes retail for about $3.49. (Check out the Walgreens website to find a store near you.)

How-to: American flag nail art for the Fourth of July!

Since today is Independence Day, I thought I’d experiment with some American flag nail art.

First, I started with a layer of base coat and three thin coats of white nail polish. This gave me a nice, solid background for the flag. Make sure you let each coat dry thoroughly before applying the next one; if your nails still feel tacky when you touch them together, give them more time.

American flag nail art how-to

Next, I added a small square of navy blue in the lower left-hand corner of each nail. You might need to apply two coats to get a nice, deep blue.

American flag nail art how-to

Once that was done, it was time to add the stars and stripes. I used a $3 angled eyeliner brush from E.L.F. to add the small white dots for “stars” on each nail. For the stripes, any true red will do. Again, if you need to do so, use two coats to make sure the red is deep and the white “stars” really pop.

American flag nail art how-to

Finish it all off with a couple of coats of clear top coat to protect and add shine, and you’re done! Investing in a good top coat is worth the extra $$$ when you’ve spent so much time creating artwork on your fingertips.

American flag nail art how-to

Happy Fourth of July, everybody! Check out more American flag nail art on Pinterest.