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    OOTD: fall colors and falling leaves

    Fall colors

    I think this is my favorite time of the year. The autumn colors are gorgeous and I get to wear all of my favorite things: boots, cozy scarves, and lots of layers. It’s been a bit rainy here but I did get outside to take these quick OOTD pics. I’m loving my new boot socks and wear them everyday!

    Fall colors

    (T-shirt, sweater: Target; jeans: Walmart; jacket: Wet Seal; boots, boot socks: Payless; scarf: Kizuri; earrings: Pier 1)

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    Ten on Tuesday: school, TV, and oh yeah, books

    1. I’m almost done with my sci-fi lit class and as much as I’ve enjoyed it, I’m kind of relieved. I’m ready to read books for fun again, not because they’re on a syllabus.

    2. I knew I would enjoy my modern business class when the professors started referencing Dilbert and The Big Bang Theory!

    3. Helllllloooo, spring time! We actually turned the heat off and opened the windows two days in a row. (Just a crack, and I’m wearing my fuzzy bathrobe, but still–the house stayed at 66 degrees.) It feels great to get that fresh air inside.

    4. I can no longer claim to be “not a TV person”–I’m hooked on Boardwalk Empire. And yeah, I’m about three seasons behind, but it’s still awesome.


    5. Are you going to see Divergent? I loved the first book and hated the second and third ones. I do like Shailene Woodley but overall I’m still feeling kind of “meh” about the whole franchise. And no one, repeat, NO ONE can replace Katniss!

    6. I need this pin! (From Etsy seller beanforest)


    7. So true.


    8. Speaking of books–take this Buzzfeed quiz to find out what type of book you are! I’m a secondhand book, apparently.

    9. By the way, those Buzzfeed quizzes are evil. Talk about a time suck!

    10. If I buy one new pair of shoes for spring, it will probably be these. You can’t go wrong with Chucks.



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    Ethical fall fashion: ten pieces

    When I first started blogging about ethical consumerism and ethical fashion this summer (click the hyperlinks to see those posts), I meant to throw together a wishlist post of fashion items that were fair trade, eco-friendly, made in the USA or vegan. Somehow that post never got put together (oops!) but now that fall is right around the corner, I thought it was a good time to put together a little list of items for that summer-to-fall transition period. The best part: everything here is under $50!

    (All links below go directly to the web page for the item; they are not affiliate links.)

    1. Shirred tunic, $38, One Mango Tree
    2. Print dress, $48, Lulu’s
    3. Shorts, $21.60, One Mango Tree
    4. Sweater, $35, Tree of Life
    5. Colored denim, $49, Land’s End
    6. Earrings, $17, Roozt
    7. Ankle boots, $45, Fashion Conscience
    8. Scarf, $16, People Tree
    9. Tank top, $20, Glik’s
    10. Floral tee, $33, Fashion Conscience