Cute Shoe Monday: neon pumps!

Okay, you guys know I’ve been crushing on neons all week. Well, I finally found the perfect pair of neon pumps to satisfy my cravings!!

These come in pink and blue also, in case you’re just not a fan of the highlighter yellow shade. But personally, I love them. I’m now trying to think of a good reason I might NEED a new pair of pumps so I can justify buying these!

Worthington Sheena Neon Patent Pumps, $30, JC Penney or jcpenney.com.

A look at the Zoya Lovely spring 2013 collection

Fellow nail polish junkies of the world, I do not normally get excited about pastel polish. But I just might possibly make an exception for Zoya’s upcoming spring 2013 collection. Take a closer look:

And here’s possibly my favorite of all the new colors: Neely, a gorgeous minty green. As I said already, I’m not usually a fan of pastels, but this year I’d really love to find a minty green for my fingers, and this looks perfect. And because I know you want to see the rest of the colors in detail (you do, don’t you?), they are also Pinned down below. You’re welcome.

Source: zoya.com via Martha on Pinterest

From the sneak previews, Zoya and Butter London are both releasing similar pastel collections for spring. However, I kind of prefer Zoya, since they’re a) cheaper and b) I like the formula a little better. What do you think, lovelies? Any must-haves from the new collection?