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    Random Thursday: Things that brighten a yucky day

    In no particular order, things that cheer me up on a crappy day:

    1. Tea
    2. A stack of magazines
    3. Chocolate
    4. Skyping with my mom
    5. Kitty cuddles
    6. Pictures of baby animals (or better yet, baby animals in person)
    7. Hanging out with my husband, who never fails to make me laugh
    8. Walking in the park
    9. More tea
    10. Vegan cupcakes from Boots Bakery
    11. Getting a surprise card in the mail
    12. Bubble baths with fancy bath soaps and lotions
    13. Music
    14. More tea!
    15. The humor section of Pinterest
    16. A really good book
    17. My electric blankets
    18. Ice cream. The chocolate coconut milk from So Delicious is divine.
    19. Vegan Pad Thai. Takeout of course, so I have to neither cook nor clean up.
    20. Even more tea!

    What cheers you up on a yucky day?

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    Random Thursday: I started blogging because…

    I started blogging because I wanted to share my love of makeup and fashion and connect with other girls who felt the same way! Over time the focus of my blog has changed a little: I blog about vegan makeup and fashion now, and I also talk about animals, food, books, music, art, and whatever else pops into my head. But the reason hasn’t changed: I still love “meeting” new people who have similar interests. I’ve met some of my best friends through blogging, and now I finally have a vegan bestie in Katrin, who shares my love of vegan desserts and understands why a baby bat is adorable, even when other people go “What?!”

    It’s especially a big deal for me since I live in a small-ish town where things like veganism and an all-consuming love of books make me the odd one out. Since there aren’t a lot of chances for me to find like-minded friends locally, blogging has become the perfect outlet for me to find other people who will understand the joy of finding a vegan substitute for an old favorite food, or nod knowingly when I explain, “I can’t go out today. I have a book to read!”

    If you blog, why did you start? Has it been everything you thought it would be?

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    Random Thursday: My favorite swear word is…

    This week’s topic is sure to tickle your ears. I admit it, I have a terrible potty mouth. I think it sounds uncouth and unladylike, and I really have to try to keep my lips buttoned up at work to avoid getting in trouble. (And, you know, setting a good example and all that jazz. Harrumph.)

    The word that probably comes out of my mouth the most is “Scheiße”. Hey, if I have to be discreet, why not swear in German? Besides, it just rolls off the tongue in such a satisfying way. Otherwise, I’m kind of limited to exclaiming, “Son of a Triscuit!” when things don’t go well, and that just doesn’t have the same “zing” factor.

    Since my mom reads this blog (hi mom!) I’ll keep the zipper shut on some of my nastier epithets. In closing I’ll just admit that I also drop the F-bomb way more than is socially acceptable. Like, way, way effing more.

    What are your favorite swear words? If you’re not too shy to admit them, link up with Em, Lin and Katrin for this week’s topic and dish on your most unpardonable language!

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    Hey, It’s Okay (on Wednesday again…)

    Whee! Amber has a blog button now! This week I think it’s okay…

    …to want dinner but not want to cook it. I just want to snap my fingers and have it appear.

    …to consider hot beverages to be their own food group.

    …to feel that bathing two cats counts as my daily workout.

    …to enjoy the warmer temps but not the melting snow. Boo hiss.

    What are you okay with this week?

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    Hey, It’s Okay…on a Wednesday

    I’m linking up (albeit belatedly) with Amber from Airing My Dirty Laundey for Hey, It’s Okay Tuesday! Except that this week, it’s more like Hey, It’s Okay To Be Late And Posting On A Wednesday. Just the first of several things I’m okay with this week, including but certainly not limited to…

    …drinking too much coffee this weekend. It’s cold out!

    …gluing myself to the window like a plant to soak up some of this glorious sunshine. It’s freezing here, but I’m loving the sun–I can’t stand the gloom!

    …being anti-social, because being social would require going outside, and it’s too cold for that nonsense.

    …lying awake steaming because I feel that one movie is a rip-off of another. We just watched Moon on DVD and about fifteen minutes in, I started to get the uneasy feeling that I’d seen it before. You know why? Because the blockbuster Oblivion, which I saw and LOVED last spring, did a fine job of lifting the script. I’m pissed. It’s not a carbon copy and both movies are awesome in their own ways, but the plot twists were just so close that I feel really cheated for having liked Oblivion so much. Make sense? (I will give credit where credit is due and say that Oblivion had a better “What the bleep” reveal moment. Watch them both if you have time.)

    What are you okay with this week?