Beauty website to bookmark: Coterie (MASSIVE intro promo code+Butter London deal! Hurry!)

Have you heard of Coterie? It’s a beauty sale site that’s currently offering both a mind-blowing intro promo code and a deal on Butter London nail lacquer, and I could not wait to share it with you.

I have to give huge props to blogger Sparkle Girl’s Life for posting about Coterie, because while I’d heard it mentioned in passing, her post was the one that sent me to the site to see exactly what the buzz was about. (Check out her awesome blog here!)

Coterie is a members-only flash sale site dedicated to beauty. From the website:

Coterie is an exclusive, members-only site featuring an ultra-selective collection of the newest and most sought-after beauty products. In collaboration with top makeup artists, stylists and industry trendsetters, Coterie provides the woman on-the-go access to everything she needs to know, all in one place.

It’s basically the best of beauty deals, online shopping, social sharing, and flash sale alerts, all in one place! It’s free to join and the site is planning to offer a host of new features like a virtual vanity, personalized sale alerts, and rewards points for referring friends.

Now, on to the really good part (and the massive intro promo I mentioned in the title!). The first deal available on Coterie is a trio of Butter London nail lacquers, plus your choice of a P.D. Hardwear or Matte Finish topcoat. There are six Butter London shades to choose from: West End Wonderland, Wallis, Pillar Box Red, Knackered, Bluey, and All Hail the Queen.

The Butter London deal costs $36 and is listed as a $60 value, so you’re already saving money there. But here’s the really really amazing promo deal: Coterie is offering a limited code for new members only. Enter the promo code “VIPMEMBER” at checkout to receive $25 off your order!

Yep, do the math! A $60 package cut down to $36, minus the $25 promo, plus $4.99 for ground shipping = $15.99 total. That works out to $4 per polish, which is jaw-dropping considering that the polishes retail for $14 apiece and the top coat retails for $18. In other words, these super-pricey, high-fashion colors, from the lacquer known for creating exclusive fashion week shades, cost less than a drugstore polish.

I simply couldn’t pass up this deal, so I signed up for Coterie. It’s super-fast, super-easy, and free. You have to enter a valid e-mail address and password; that’s it. Go to your account to add your name, shipping address, and birthday; you can choose whether or not to keep credit card info on file, or simply add it when you’re ready to checkout. (I always prefer that sites NOT remember my info, so I loved that feature.) I think the site looks really clean and lovely and is easy to use, and I’m very impressed.

Remember when you get to the checkout to choose the $4.99 shipping option and enter the promo code! You’ll kick yourself if you don’t! And don’t wait to order–while I was placing my order both packages were listed as available, but when I went back to the site ten minutes later to double-check my account the “matte” package was already listed as sold out!!

I can’t wait to get my Coterie order and will definitely share swatches and reviews when it arrives. I ordered the Hardwear package with Wallis, Knackered, and Bluey. This will be my first experience with Butter London and I can’t wait!

Do you like members-only or sample sale sites? Any good ones to share? Any you tried and hated? Let me know in the comments, and let me know what you think about Coterie!!

Cute Shoe Monday: red-hot heels

I fell in love with these shoes as soon as I saw them on the shelf. They’re oh-so-sexy and surprisingly comfortable thanks to the hidden platform. Definitely a pair of shoes I’ll wear until they fall apart!

Brash Kosmic Platform Pump, $34.99, Payless

Urban Decay mega sale + free shipping on new holiday 2012 items! Here’s what I ordered…

Urban Decay has some cool new items at mega-sale prices over at their website,…plus they’re offering free USPS shipping on holiday items (but that promo ends today, so hurry!). Urban Decay’s sale section has a range of products including lipsticks and eyeshadows, while their holiday section includes lust-worthy eyeliner sets and eyeshadow palettes, among other things! They’d be great as a gift, or as a gift to yourself.

I haven’t tried Urban Decay yet because of their pricing (most of their items are pretty spendy), but these deals were too good to pass up, so now I’m eagerly awaiting this order:

1. Lipstick in Apocalypse, $3 (was $22)–a sheer, creamy blackberry.
2. Lipstick in Confession, $3 (was $22)–a semi-sheer, buildable, deep creamy burgundy.
3. Lipstick in Gash, $3 (was $22)–a full-coverage blood red with a bit of sheen.

The lipsticks are all vegan–I’m super-excited, because I’m in the mood to try some new vampy hues for fall and I’m also eager to see what a vegan lipstick is like. I think they must be discontinuing these shades if they’re offering them at such a steep discount. I have no idea how these shades will look or what the formula will be like, though I’ve read lots of positive buzz online. But for $3 a pop, it’s cheaper than experimenting with a drugstore dupe–so why not give it a whirl?

4. Temporary Tattoos, $2 (was $25)–three sheets of assorted designs.

The body tattoos are just too much of a steal to pass up (seriously, from $25 to $2?!) and I think they’ll be great next summer. Most likely they’re being discontinued as well. I keep dreaming about getting a tattoo but I’m commitment-shy, so this will be a good test run for me (and for the husband!).

5. 24/7 Double-Ended Glide-On Pencil in Whiskey + Zero, $12–a double-ended version of the popular 24/7 pencil, new for the holidays.

I’ve heard nothing but lovely things about the 24/7 pencils and I figure this is a killer way to try them out–two must-have shades in one relatively affordable pencil, plus this pencil got me free shipping on my order (versus a $6 fee)–woot!

6. Samples

You get free samples with every order–hey, I’m down with that! The samples popped up in my bag with the addition of just one $3 lipstick, which surprised and pleased me. Apparently I’m getting sample cards of the Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion and the Complexion Primer Duo, which absolutely ROCKS, because I’m on the market for new primers and would love to test-drive some!

Fall trend: cobalt blue

Think autumn is all about rusty reds, muted browns, and earthy  neutrals? Think again. This year, the season is getting an electric kick courtesy of cobalt blue, the latest “it” color.

This season cobalt is being used to amp up your neutrals or–surprisingly–as a neutral itself. Either way you work it, you’ll definitely stand out in a crowd.

1. High-Rise Seam Stitch Trousers, $19.80, Forever 21
2. Velvet Pleat-Toe Platform Pump, $32.50, Charlotte Russe
3. Mossimo Multi Slub Wrap, $14.99, Target
4. Crystal Fringe Necklace, $20, Maurice’s
5. Cut-Out Sleeve Pullover Sweater, $32.50, PacSun
6. Tie-Front Polka Dot Top, $24.80, Vanity
7. Lattice Waist Skater Dress, $26.50, Wet Seal
8. Velvet Smoking Flats, $16.90,
9. Brash Arrow Crossbody, $16.99, Payless

These autumn fragrances are tempting me…

Do you change up your fragrance for a new season? I have a couple of Bath and Body Works fragrances that I’m die-hard crazy about, but I usually add a new fragrance or two into my rotation to get into the mood of a new season. This summer, I was all about citrus; for fall, I’m thinking of trying this “Fall Traditions Trio” of lovely scents: Dreamy Vanilla Woods, Honey Autumn Apple, and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin.

The trio of 3-oz. body lotions is just $10 at BBW (regularly $16).  I think that pumpkin one would smell so good! I still haven’t used my BBW BOGO coupon for this month, so if I like one or two of these scents, I suppose that would be a good opportunity to purchase full-sized versions.

Accessory Friday: a badass rock-chic clutch

How badass is this spiked clutch? It’s a bit of a splurge, but one that I think you’ll never tire of or give away–and the neutral color means it can pair with almost anything in your wardrobe. I love the combo of champagne faux leather and the spiked four-ring metal handle on top. It also has a 48-inch chain strap, in case you want to go hands-free.

Woven spiked ring handle clutch, $43.70,

Get the Look: Emma Watson on the October cover of Glamour magazine

Whoa! Hermione is all grown up–just check out Emma Watson’s sultry style on the October cover of Glamour magazine.

Here’s a better shot of her cover outfit from inside the magazine:

Artsy, moody, and sexy. Wow. Emma’s style is irresistible–although for the street, I’d recommend replacing the exposed bra with a sweet top of some sort! I love that she’s got the sort-of-innocent white dress paired with edgy black Mary Janes and that metallic black eyeliner (get a similar look with Physician’s Formula Eyebrightener Brightening Liquid Eyeliner in Metallic Black; $6.50, drugstores). You can use texturizer on short hair to recreate her style or if you have longer hair, why not try a messy topknot?

Here are some pieces to get you started on recreating Emma’s look:

1. Picot Trim Lace Dress, $29.80, Forever 21
2. Satin Trim Lace Dress, $27.80, Forever 21
3. Qupid Jillian Black Velvet Peep Toe Heelless platforms, $33, Lulu’s
4. Blair Boutique Faux Fur Coat, $100
5. Merona Open Cardigan Sweater, $24.99, Target
6. Faceted Geo Nugget Necklace, $9.80, Forever 21

Get the Look: Christina Aguilera on the October cover of Lucky

Denim is hot for fall, and Christina Aguilera’s cover look from the October issue of Lucky magazine is super-easy to recreate.

It’s basically all about a soft denim button-down and loads of killer rock-chic jewelry. Try these pieces on for size:

1. Merona Women’s Favorite Denim Shirt, $19.99, Target
2. Rhinestone Pyramid Shield Ring, $9.50, Wet Seal
3. Rhinestoned Knuckle Ring, $5.80, Forever 21
4. Beaded Layered Necklace, $6.80, Forever 21
5. Painted Curb Chain Bracelet, $5.80, Forever 21
6. Faceted Stretchy Ring, $5.80, Forever 21