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Have you tried Julep Maven? (Join now for a penny!)

Have you guys tried Julep Maven yet? Julep is a Seattle-based boutique nail salon that offers trendy nail polishes in-store and online. Julep Maven is their subscription beauty box service; and right now, they’re offering a promo code that lets you try out your first month’s box for a penny! 

I couldn’t pass up such an amazing offer, and obviously I wanted to make sure the code worked before I recommended this deal to you, my readers. Before I signed up, of course, I took a moment to e-mail them and ask about their animal testing policies. Here’s what they told me:

We ABSOLUTELY DO NOT test on animals! Never have, never will! We only test on humans. One of the great things about Julep is we have 4 Nail Parlors and amazing customers that let us test and try products on them all the time! Some of our products do contain animal derived ingredients (ei: milk and beeswax and etc.) Here are some products that are completely VEGAN: Facial for Hands Glycolic Hand Scrub, Our famous Julep Essential Cuticle Oil, and any Non-Red nail polish. Another great thing our products are “4 Free”, we use NO paraben, NO sulphate phthalate, NO  DBP, and they are tolene and formaldehyde free. We like to say, we took out all of the nasty carcinogens that are found in so many other products.

That’s awesome! Now, on to Julep Maven, how it works, and that awesome penny code:

Like other beauty boxes, Julep Maven starts by having you take a quiz; you’ll get one of five style profile results: ‘American Beauty’, ‘Boho Glam’, ‘Bombshell’, ‘Classic With a Twist’, and ‘It Girl’. I got ‘Boho Glam’, and I’m pleased with how well this fits my personal style.

This is Julep’s idea of boho glam. I like it!

Every month, the team at Julep puts together a beauty box based on your style profile; you can log on and view the items they’ve selected on the 20th of each month. Each month’s box costs $19.99. You receive $40 worth of polishes and treatments, a surprise product in each box, 20% off orders from, and free shipping on your purchases. There’s also a referral program that lets you earn a free month of Julep Maven for each two friends who sign up using your referral link.

But here’s the really awesome part! If you don’t like the box they’ve selected, you can choose a box from a different style profile, or elect to skip the month entirely. (You can find the full details on their FAQ page.) How awesome is that? To my knowledge the ability to skip months is rare.You just have to log in to your account between the 20th and 24th and select “skip a month”, or call them to cancel by the 24th, to avoid being charged.

Now, I’ll move on to that aforementioned promo code. I was really skeptical when I heard that you could get your first month for a penny, so I decided I had to try this service simply to verify the code. Well, it worked for me…my first box is shipping out for just one cent! I used code “COLOR2012” at checkout. I don’t know how long this code will stay valid, so if you’re interested in trying the service, I’d suggest you hop on over there ASAP. Codes have a way of expiring in a hurry, and often mysteriously as soon as you’re ready to use them! (Or at least, that’s been my personal experience.)

Update: Julep is now also tweeting out a code to use, “TWITTER1”, so if the first code doesn’t work for you I would definitely try this new one before you give up!

One more thing: if you do sign up, I’d love it if you use my referral link. (Pretty please!) And make that if you tell your friends about this offer–or re-post it on your blog–that you give them your referral link, too! 

Here’s what I’m apparently getting in my introductory box…

According to the website, my first order includes:

  • Toni – Boho Glam: Greige with a hint of lavender crème
  • Sasha – Boho Glam: Fresh cantaloupe melon crème
  • Best Pedi Crème Ever! exfoliate, hydrate, and nourish your feet

I’m so excited! It looks my polishes will be vegan, since they aren’t red. And this is a pretty pricey deal for a penny–the polishes retail for $14 apiece, and the pedi creme is $22. Yikes! That’s a $50 value!

I’m not sure that I’ll stay signed up for this service–it’s kind of pricey per month, at least for my budget, though I do love that the products are chemical-free. I guess it will depend on how much I love the polishes they send, and of course, what polishes they pick for me each month. The beauty of it is that you can skip a month without obligation, so I might stay signed up for a while and just skip months I don’t adore, and see how it all works out before I cancel altogether. 

Once I get my box I’ll be sure to post swatches and reviews, so watch for those! And let me know if you decide to sign up for Julep Maven, or if you’ve tried them in the past. I’d love to know what other beauty junkies think of them!

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