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    Get the Look: Sofia Vergara on the November cover of Lucky magazine

    One last celebrity look post for the month! Sofia Vergara showed off a sexy-meets-classic look on the November cover of Lucky magazine, and the good news is, her style is ridiculously simple to copy. In fact, you probably already have most of the elements in your closet now!

    Here’s what you need: a red pencil skirt, a black camisole or bustier, a pink cardi, and killer black stiletto pumps. Oh, and a mega-watt smile, though I can’t recommend a place of purchase for that!
    The finishing touch for Sofia’s smart ensemble? Her loose, touchable waves. A tight bun would give off a sexy secretary vibe, and not in a good way. The more casual hairdo–and the lack of jewelry–make this less of a costume and more of a doable date night look.

    1. Scuba pencil skirt, $19.99, Charlotte Russe

    2. Cropped cardigan, $13.80, Forever 21
    3. Brash Kosmic platform pumps, $24.99, Payless
    4. Cropped lace bustier, $6, Forever 21

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    Accessory Friday: modern stud earrings

    Normally I’m a fan of the oversized, dramatic glamour earrings–but these simple, modern studs are really holding my attention. I love that they’re simple but not boring and small but not dainty. They’d look great with both dressy holiday outfits and rock n roll street wear.

    Black Stone Stud Earrings, five pounds, Bear and Mojo (http://www.bearandmojo.co.uk)
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    Random Thursdays: My Winter Survival Items

    Unfortunately for me, there is no snow here yet! Zip. Zero. Nada. We had a false alarm earlier this month, but it melted away by the weekend.

    However, it is chilly here, with most nights dipping down into the twenties and the chance of freezing rain always lingering about on the edge of the weather report. Lovely! So there are some things I just can’t live without at this time of the year:

    –Hand cream. My hands get super dry and chapped and having a good hand cream in my bag at all times is a must.

    –Lip balm. Dry, chapped lips are no match for Dr. Bronner’s Magic Naked Lip Balm.

    –Hot cocoa, tea, and coffee. I have to have a hot drink on hand at all times! I love peppermint hot cocoa and green tea, and I just tried one of the eggnog lattes from Starbucks–not bad!

    –Slipper boots. My adorable Muk Luks keep my tootsies toasty no matter what!

    –A pile of good books. When the weather turns grey and nasty, all I want to do is snuggle down under a blanket with a cup of tea and a good book. Who’s with me?

    –A knit scarf. I have one snuggly chenille scarf hand-knit by my Grandma that I wear constantly. It’s perfect for keeping away the winter chill and it’s long enough to loop around my face if I need to!

    What are your essential winter survival items? Tell me in the comments!

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    Jewelry I want this week: inspired by…

    I didn’t write my regular ‘Inspiration Saturday’ post this week because, after the exhaustion of Thanksgiving and Black Friday, I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired. Today, though, I’ll show you a few pieces of jewelry I’m hankering after, and the inspiration behind them!

    Can you guess why these three items are grouped together?

    I’m really feeling wild and different jewelry lately, and all three of these pieces make me think of one of my favorite literary heroines…Daenerys Targaryen. Amazon just started taking pre-orders for season two of Game of Thrones and I’m impatiently tapping my foot until A Dance With Dragons hits stores in paperback, so Dany has been at the front of my mind.

    These pieces of jewelry all make me think of Dany the Khaleesi, her Khal (am I the only one who cried when he died?), her horse, and her independent spirit. I suppose at this point it would be appropriate to move on to finding some dragon-themed jewelry…stay tuned!

    Moon and Stars Pendant from Bear and Mojo, six pounds, http://www.bearandmojo.co.uk. Girls and Horses ring from Lulu’s, $12, http://www.lulus.com. Ear Cuff with Feathers Set from Claire’s, $12.50, http://www.claires.com.