Random Thursdays: Five Things I Use Everyday

Obviously, I use far more than just five things every day…so I decided to make two lists: one of fashion/beauty items, and one for items from the rest of my life!

Five beauty and fashion things I use every day:

1. Moisturizer. One for my face, one for my body, and one for my hands! Right now I’m hooked on Bath and Body Works Cashmere Glow body lotion, Avalon Organics Vitamin C face cream, and Bath and Body Works hand cream in Twisted Peppermint.

Even if you don’t feel that you’re prone to dry skin, using a good moisturizer does wonders for your appearance. It makes skin look plumper, firmer, and glowier. (Totally not a word, but I’m running with it!) It makes your skin softer, less itchy, and less tight. Using a good hand cream on a regular basis ensures I won’t get cracked, sore fingertips. And let’s not forget: a moisturizer with a high SPF is essential for protecting your skin from wrinkles and possible skin cancer! (I like the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Touch lotions.)

2. Tweezers. Odd pick? Well, I have lots of days when I just don’t have time to apply makeup. Keeping your arches neatly tweezed and tidy makes your whole face look cleaner and more well-kept, in my opinion–and your eyes look more open and awake, even without the aid of eye makeup!

3. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Lip Balm in Naked. Not a day goes by that I don’t reach for this lip balm, and I do promise I’ll post a review soon. It’s free of dyes, flavors, or scents, so it’s just pure moisturizing goodness. It keeps my lips soft and flake free, and it’s great for layering with lipstick.

4. My Muk-Luk slipper boots. Thanks to my Mom for these. They’re super-cute, warm, and comfy. My feet get very cold very easily, even in the summer months, so slipper boots are a must for me when lounging around the house!

5. My lucky necklaces. My husband has given me two special necklaces that I wear every day for good luck. Superstitious? I suppose. But there you go–I use them every day!

And now, five things I use every day in my non-beauty life:

1. Candles. I particularly love scents from Bath and Body Works and Pier 1 Imports. Burning candles makes the house smell good, but it also calms me. There’s something about kicking back with dinner and a good companion in the candlelight, without the TV, computer, or phone distracting you, that makes a day wind down in the most wonderful way.

2. My earbuds. Work can be tedious, but having good music at hand makes the time go faster and lifts my mood immensely. What’s on my playlist? Everything from Beethoven to Pink Floyd, folk rock to electronica, hard rock to world fusion.

3. Pinterest. Here I go again, proclaiming my love of that magical black hole of time and productivity. The truth is, when I’m feeling down or sort of grumpy, logging into Pinterest is a sure-fire way to cheer me up again. Whether I’m pinning new decor ideas for my home or laughing at memes, there’s always something there to make me feel better.

4. Tea. Yes, this coffee addict kicked the habit this summer! I now drink coffee occasionally, but mostly I just drink green tea every day. I’ve been reading for just about forever about the health benefits and how many wonderful things green tea can do for you, and now that I’m finally committed to drinking two or three cups each day, I can see the benefits. I feel less tired, my skin looks better, and I am slimming down as well. I think the lower levels of caffeine are also helping, since I sleep more soundly (most days).

5. My cats. Yes, they’re on this list–because there is nothing like a good cat snuggle to make a day better!


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