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Product review: Julep Boho Glam Lengthening Mascara

This mascara came in my New Year’s Mystery Box, and I was super-curious to try it after hearing lots of mixed reviews. Plus, c’mon: it’s a $24 mascara. Never have I, nor do I ever intend to, spend that much money on a single makeup product. But I digress. (And once again, I’ve forgotten to switch into macro mode.)

The product: Julep Boho Glam Lengthening Mascara, in Espresso Brown; $24 at

The claim: Lash growth enhancement ingredients and micro-fiber applicator separates, lengthens, and conditions individual lashes to lock in moisture and protect from breakage. (From the website)

I tried it: The first thing I noticed about this mascara is that it has a rather goopy, sticky formula. I had to clean off the wand and use a lash comb to separate my lashes and get rid of the clumps. Not cool!

This isn’t a waterproof formula, but more than that, it smudged and left spots on my browbones. It’s super-lengthening at first, but I felt like it wore away over the course of the day.

My verdict: This is the first Julep product I’ve used that has really let me down, but it needs to be said: I’ve used cheap drugstore mascara for less than $5 that has done a better job than this stuff. Not worth the price, not really worth it at all, and I definitely will not repurchase.

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