Random Thursday: What’s In My Purse


I don’t necessarily tote ALL of this stuff everywhere. I try to stay pared down. But here’s a good look at what’s rattling around with me in my purse on an average day.

1. Water bottle. Gotta stay hydrated to be healthy!
2. MP3 player and earbuds. Music solves so many problems: boredom, irritation, noisy companions, etc.
3. Notebook. This one has a cool Asian dragon design on it, and was a gift from my Mom, who knows I love anything that looks like it came from the Far East!
4. Wallet. Duh.
5. Camera. In case I see anything cool and want to take a picture of it.
6. Gloves. It’s FREEZING here right now!
7. Keys. Another duh.

8. Box knife and marker. I carry these to work and then somehow they get tossed in my purse as well.
9. Hair bands and clips. Bad hair day, fixed in an instant.
10. Granola bar. I don’t like to stop for fast food, and being a vegetarian throws an extra wrench into the equation. But I have to eat often to keep my blood sugar steady. These granola bars are cheap, they don’t melt in the heat and they’re not full of artificial ingredients.
11. Lip balm. Vegan and minty fresh!
12. Hand cream. My hands get really dry and chapped, especially with this dry winter weather. So this is a must.
13. Reading material. Might be a book, might be a magazine.
14. Phone. Not pictured because it’s on the charger right now!

What’s in your purse? Do you tote a ton of stuff around, or are you a lightweight? Believe it or not, I manage to get almost everything in my pockets for work, with the reading material and water bottle going in my lunchbag. But that’s because I wear cargo pants. :P


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