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Random Thursday: Last 5 Frivolous Purchases

  1. I count most of my nail polish purchases as wholly frivolous, since in all honesty I probably have more than enough to suit me at this point and don’t need any more. But I couldn’t resist grabbing some matte neon highlighter yellow polish from Zoya when they had their big New Year’s sale. How often will I actually wear it? Rarely. But it was calling my name!
  2. Coffee and danishes at Starbucks. Totally not a necessity, but sometimes it’s fun to grab a treat and just sit awhile at the coffee shop. And of course, there’s lots of people watching to be had!
  3. A pair of lime green skinny jeans. But they were on clearance, for $9! How do you pass that up?! I’ll try to do a styling post with them very soon.
  4. A carob bar. Carob is similar to chocolate, though not as sweet. This bar also had acai berries in it. I do count chocolate as a necessity most days, but I try not to eat too much of it. However, I hadn’t had carob in years and was really eager to try some and see if it was as good as I remembered. (It was!)
  5. A jaguar bracelet from Forever 21. I didn’t particularly need a new piece of jewelry, and $13 is more than I would typically pay for a jewelry item from that store. But this one–I snitched a picture from the website down below–was too different from most of the other pieces on the table, so I snatched it up. I see now that it isn’t available any longer online, but there are some other interesting jaguar rings available. I think the green eye detail on my bracelet really makes it stand out, though.



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