Random Thursday: Fave Childhood Memory

Hands-down, hanging out in the state park that was mere yards from our house. We seriously, literally lived right on the border! How cool is that? You could go hiking, biking and exploring for hours without covering the same ground twice. There was a swimming pool in the summer and plenty of hills for good sledding in the winter. We caught frogs, collected rocks, pretended to be lost in the forest, and probably never even explored the half of it.
I miss that state park. Where I live now is great, but you have to go a little farther than out the back door to get to the woods (let alone a whole state park). And while the closest state park has a killer lake and lovely hiking trails, it just isn’t the same. It lacks the little streams, dense trees, endless herds of deer killer mountain bike trails. 
I want both, dammit. Right next to each other. And preferably just a stone’s throw from my porch.


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