Random Thursday: Pet Peeves

Hoo boy. With a title like this you know some s— it about to get real. Almost all of my pet peeves involve people who have no concept of common courtesy, personal space, basic manners, or some mixture of the three. Where shall we start…

Shall we start with those people who feel the need to stand THIS.FREAKING.CLOSE to me in the checkout line? You’re practically touching my butt, and you’re also staring over my shoulder while I punch in my PIN. Have you never heard the term “personal space”?

Let’s move on to those inconsiderate people who insist on talking very loudly in restaurants, especially about subjects the rest of us might not consider “dinner conversation” (like the graphic details of Grandma’s surgery). I am PAYING for a frigging DINNER at a NICE FRIGGING RESTUARANT. I am on a DATE with my HUSBAND whom I might only see ONCE A WEEK because of our schedules. Contain the conversation to your own table or SHUT UP.

I really dislike people who have this compulsive need to touch me whenever they see me. I’m not talking about close friends who want to give me a “hello” hug, I mean those casual acquaintances who have to constantly reach out to touch your shoulder, rub your arm, slap your back, or otherwise somehow touch you every single time they see you.

I do realize that to many people this is as natural as smiling and nodding during a conversation, but it weirds me out, especially in the context of coworkers. Am I the only one who remembers this topic being covered in orientation (somewhere under the heading “Don’t”)?

Moving on. Lest you think I am totally selfish and destined to become a hermit, one of my biggest pet peeves is people who are habitually rude to others. This includes neglecting a long list of everyday things that I feel should be common courtesies, such as (but not limited to):

  • Holding the door for a lady
  • Being polite to the elderly and offering assistance before they have to ask for it
  • Allowing the person with just one item to cut in line in front of you and your giant shopping cart
  • Using your turn signal
  • Not belching in public
  • Not letting your children run wild and screaming though public places
  • Covering your cough or sneeze. And please, cover it with your sleeve, not your bare hands!

I have a very personal pet peeve about people who are rude to those working in the restaurant or retail industries, because I’ve done both and let me tell you: it’s rough. Letting your kids mess up the store displays, not leaving a tip, swearing at the worker who is waiting on you–all of these things make you a terrible person, and they are also very likely to garner you terrible service. You all deserve THIS:

What are your pet peeves, lovely readers? Come on, vent! It’s therapeutic!


    • Martha Woods

      Ha! I have a feeling that’s a pretty common pet peeve! People just have no sense of common decency. :P Love your list too! I forgot to add “people who don’t take care of animals and the environment”…especially when I see a pet left outside in the weather…seriously people, you suck :/

  • M.

    Such a good list! The personal space thing – particularly in lines. Crowding me and breathing garlic breath down my neck will NOT make the line move faster, just increase the chance of me punching you in the neck. Also the touching. My boss does that all the time, despite the fact that I’ve told her multiple times that I don’t like it. I’ve given up but I hate it. Try to keep a cubicle wall between us as much as possible. Totally with you on treating all staff everywhere well. Just because someone works in retail or serves your dinner doesn’t make them any less intelligent, important or human than you. People who are rude for no reason in those situations are no better in my mind than people who are mean to animals. It’s a power thing, and you’re an asshole if you exploit it. Period.
    Very good peeves! Thanks for linking up with us!

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