Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: 4/16/13

1. I wanted to put this up first for the day: today is Semi-Colon Day.

2. My baby brother turned 21 this month. Way to make me feel old, bro.

3. I’ve heard from multiple people now about a game called Cards Against Humanity (you can see the website here) and the more I hear, the more I think I need to buy this. Anytime someone warns me that something shouldn’t be used around people who are easily offended, my interest is piqued. I guess this makes me the horrible target audience of this card game, then.

4. It’s sunny! It’s warm! It’s…hailing and spitting snow. Ah, April.

5. I think I’ll start posting a song of the week each Tuesday. This week it’s “We Had Love” by The Scientists.

6. Banana chocolate chip gelato. That is all.
7. It’s a good thing I have one friend at work who is as sarcastic and abrasive as I am, so we can work and be snarky together. Otherwise work would not be nearly as tolerable.
8. Now that I decided I want to grow my hair really long again, I’m seeing tons of pictures of short cuts that are super-cute, and I’m tempted to make a chop. Weird how that works.
9. Has anyone else had trouble with their ‘no-reply blogger’ status? I fixed mine some time back and everything was fine until recently, when I heard from another blogger that I was apparently back to being a no-reply blogger. WTH Google? I went back and fixed it again but it seems that it keeps reverting after a short period of time. Halp!!

10. Laugh. It’s good for you.


  • Lin

    1. Aw, I love this. My mom suffers from depression & you can bet your butt I’ll be showing this to her.
    2. Word. My younger bro will be 20 in July. Ugh.
    3. I want this game SO bad!
    5. Love love love this song! First heard it in the scene where the two big thugs are chasing Gerard Butler because he stole the briefcase full of money from them in the movie Rock N’ Rolla. Best movie ever.
    7. Obviously I haven’t read your blog enough to see the snarky in you but Im loving it already. Snarky people rule.
    9. Stupid google. It’s always doing lame stuff like this.
    10. Haha

    Thanks so much for linking up. Loved your 10!

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