Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: 4/23/13

1. This link-up is a day late because I’ve had one of those migraines that just won’t quit for the past two days. This also explains the lack of an OOTD post yesterday. But that’s okay! If you picture me in sweats and a Dark Side of the Moon t-shirt you’ll know exactly what you missed!

2. Who else noticed the adorable penguins on YouTube for Earth Day? I had to share them since they’re one of my favorite animals.

3. Here’s this week’s song: ‘This Isn’t Our Parade’ from Santigold.

4. I should probably start fixing my hair and a makeup a little better before I go to work so my coworkers aren’t so shocked on the rare occasions I do fix up. Hey, I just don’t feel like pulling out the eyeliner and the flatiron every night. So sue me.
5. So in the two days that I neglected to open up Bloglovin’, you guys amassed over 300 posts for me to read. Holy. Crap. Y’all have been busy!

6.  Speaking of Bloglovin’…how come I can type it into the address bar and it automatically logs me in, but if I’m checking out a new blog and click on their Bloglovin’ link it asks me to sign up or sign in again? And yet when I type it into the search bar again, I’m signed in? Hello, Bloglovin’? Is there anybody in there?

7. I tested myself mightily this week by dashing into the mall to pick up a gift card for a friend’s birthday. There’s cute stuff EVERYWHERE! Gaaaaaaaahhhhh. Eight weeks left in my spending ban. I can do this.

8. One thing that’s not tempting me right now: nail polish. I started unpacking my collection to film (will be up later this week I hope) and…uh…I have a lot! Definitely don’t need any new ones for a while.

9. How is April almost over already? I thought 2013 just started?

10. So I was really bummed to hear that our local movie theater will be closing on the 28th…this was the last of the local theaters in our town and now we’ll just have the Regal Cinema in the shopping complex. I have nothing against big chains per se but I liked our local theaters, not to mention they were much cheaper than the big chain cinema. I think today we’ll try to go see a few movies at the local theater as one last hurrah before they close.


  • Small Budget Beauty

    Migraines suck! Hope you are feeling better. Can not wait to see you nail polish collection. Where I live we don’t even have a movie theater, have to drive 2 counties over, but luckily that one is a small local theater and does not cost as much as the big chain ones do. Crazy how fast this year is flying by!

    • Martha Woods

      Thanks :) That sucks that you have to drive so far to see a movie! I guess it does encourage staying home and finding more productive things to do with the family, though!

  • Lin

    1. Ive had those types of headaches before, it’s awful. Hope you’re feeling better by now.
    2. Penguins are freakin’ adorable.
    4. I’m totally feeling the exact same way. It’s just all so much damn trouble.
    7. You have so much discipline. I probably wouldve stopped & shopped.
    8. Haha, maybe you can paint your nails each time you get the itch to shop. Or maybe I should.
    10. What a bummer. I love big theaters but there’s nothing like the little ones & they’re old feel.

    • Martha Woods

      All that discipline is going to be blown away in June!! I totally plan to leave my mom’s house with enough clothes to outfit an army, lol.

      There really is nothing like an old local business. Chains just can’t replicate the atmosphere. :(

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • sunshine

    Hope you are feeling better today…

    I am the same with nail polish and I need to stop buying them but they are all so pretty!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, glad I finally found yours, new follower! ;)

    • Martha Woods

      Aw, thanks! :) I’m a certified nail polish hoarder, I think.

      You have such a lovely blog! I love reading about your life in the islands. It looks so beautiful there! And sunny!!

  • Yun, The Polish Hideout

    Hope you feel better soon… headaches really suck. <3
    Time really flies. It feels like it’s been going faster every year. I keep thinking we just start the year 2000 lol. :D

    ~ Yun

    • Martha Woods

      It does seem like just yesterday, doesn’t it? Whenever I see a date from the nineties (like on a movie) I think to myself that it was only a decade ago, and then I realize it’s more like twenty years!!!

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