Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: 4/30/13

1. I ordered Season Five of Fringe and can’t wait for it to arrive (as early as May 13th according to Amazon). At the same time I’m kind of sad that my favorite series is ending–it’s been soooooo good.

2. Song of the week: ‘Flannigan’s Ball’ by the Dropkick Murphys. It’s a fun Irish punk rock song to get me energized in the morning.

3. I hope it’s a little less windy today so I can go out and run my errands. Yesterday I felt like I might blow away if I went outside.

4. This is hilarious because I used to work on a maintenance crew and as terrible as it sounds, I always wished for some of the nastier employees to hit a freshly mopped patch of floor and do the splits. You may scold me in the comments.

(image via Pinterest)

5. I think I finally found the place where I want to get my tattoo work done. Now I just need to track down some good pictures that I can print out and take in to explain what I want, as I’m a terrible artist myself and would never be able to draw the images to explain them. So far I think I’ve got a fairly serviceable dragon and phoenix, but I need a tiger to match the dragon. Google Images is not doing a good enough job reading my mind on this matter.

6. I’m going to go ahead and wade into hot water by saying: why do people feel the need to declaw cats? This bugs the hell out of me. It’s cruel, cripples your cat, and can cause behavioral problems you didn’t anticipate; so much so that in England it’s deemed “unnecessary mutilation” (it’s illegal in many other European countries as well). You can read up on it here. Please, for the love of all on this earth, if you have a problem with your cat scratching the furniture–DON’T GET A DAMN CAT! Getting one and then ripping the claws out, which is akin to chopping off your fingers at the knuckle, is a stupid solution.

7. I get into these modes where I eat one food obsessively, and lately my nosh of choice is cinnamon rolls. I’ve been holding out all week but now that the weekend is here I finally picked some up to make a nice “brinner” for the hubby and I.

8. Right after I got back from the dermatologist for my annual skin check, one of my friends had to go in and have a cancerous mole taken off of her face. PEOPLE! WEAR. SUNSCREEN. PLEASE. A few months of a tan is not worth the possibility of melanoma, which is the leading cause of death for young women aged 25 to 30, if you didn’t know.

9. I laughed too hard at this. Cats always act like they’re on something.

(image via Pinterest)
10. I’m majorly unhappy with the new way to embed Pins from Pinterest, so I’m trying out different methods of sharing the images. Those little tiny crappy embeds just don’t cut it for me!


  • Katrin

    Oh I have been to a Dropkick Murphy’s concert when I was a teenager!
    I have to say that I haven’t even heard about declawing before I came to America. I was so shocked when I heard about it. I could not believe that people really do that! It is horrible! I heard two women talking about that. I really was terrified. They were afraid that the cat could hurt their couches. Somebody asked me if my cats are declawed and my response was pretty rude but I just hate people who do things like that. Plus, what kind of doctor does that? Terrible!

    • Martha Woods

      People tell me all the time “I’m getting a new couch and I don’t want Muffin to wreck it”–nice to know your stupid couch is more important than your cat. I wonder what they do when they have kids, you know kids wreck a LOT of stuff in a hurry!! Do they put little Jonny in a straitjacket so he won’t knock over their vases?

      Also having a scratching post and scratching beds sitting about really helps. People kind of suck, IMO.

  • MakeUp Guinea Pig

    I totally agree with the cat declawing, but I have actually had 3 declawed cats (2 are no longer with us). One of them I adopted as a declawed adult, the other 2, I had NO idea what they did to declaw them! And it’s not always just pulling out the claw. :( My cats just had that done, but many vets actually amputate the entire toe at the knuckle! I fell horrible having declawed cats, but now that I know better, I will NEVER do it again! (Please don’t hate me!)

    Your tattoo sounds like it’s going to be huge! :) I debated adding a dragon to one of mine, but I don’t think I ever will. Where do you want the tattoo?

    • Martha Woods

      Aw, I couldn’t hate ya! :) I’m glad mine weren’t declawed before they came to me since they LOVE going outside! Jiao is a real tree climber.

      I’m planning on a dragon the right side of my stomach and a tiger on the left, facing each other. The phoenix will be on my back. Then I have Latin script to add to all three. I’ll probably have do it in multiple sessions over 2-3 years so I can save up the $!

  • Lin

    1. Is that a good show? I saw it listed on Netflix today but just skipped it. Probably should go back & check it out.
    2. Love this song.
    4. Bahaha! And now I can’t stop singing that song.
    5. Ive always wanted to get a Phoenix or Peacock done, have the image & everything, but can’t make up my mind on where on my body I want it.
    6. I’m not a cat person and even I’m not behind this. No no no.
    7. Nom nom nom. I can never leave the mall without visiting the cinnamon bun place. Never.
    8. Word. We went out to the outdoor gun range this weekend & I made sure to butter us up with tons of SPF. Needless to say, it didnt completely help cause I’m still very red but hopefully cancer free.
    10. Havent been on Pinterest in months. I know, it even feel weird typing that out.

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  • Jasmine

    I eat food obsessively as well – I’m on crackers and cheese currently. That cat is too funny – my cats eyes only get that big when I get out the laser pointer and suddenly he becomes Super Hunter! I don’t like the new pinterest embed either…It always jacks up my post centering.

  • Melissa G.

    Stopping by from SITS

    Once I have this baby I’m planning on getting another tattoo done as well, I know what I want, but just not sure where to get it. Looks like we have opposite issues!

  • Yun, The Polish Hideout

    I love Fringe too! I’m happy that they were able to wrap up the series the way they wanted to. :-) Aww declawing… I don’t know much about it because I don’t have a cat, but it sounds awful and makes me sad to think about. People are such a-holes sometimes. Pets bring so much love and joy to people’s lives; it’s not ok to treat them cruelly in response.

    ~ Yun

    • Martha Woods

      I can’t wait to see how it ends!

      I can’t stand people who don’t love their pets in return. Pets are so happy just to be near their people and they ask so little.

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