Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: 4/9/13

I’m feeling lazy, so you’re going to get lots of GIFs and whatnot and few words today.

1. I love a snappy comeback.

2. Continuing with Fat Amy…don’t you love those coworkers who yell everything at you instead of just walking over to you to talk in a normal tone of voice? I have one and I swear she has a sixth sense for the times I’m really busy with a project, because that’s when she yells the most and the loudest.

3. Oh, coworkers. I got this from M over at m-pir-i-cal.

Source: 4.bp.blogspot.com via Martha on Pinterest

4. So far so good with the spending ban. I have, what, about ten weeks to go? Perhaps I shouldn’t think of it in those terms.

5. Anyone else have fond childhood memories of Calvin and Hobbes? If not, go look it up. This is hands-down my favorite comic strip of all time.

Source: blog.mcdaniel.edu via Martha on Pinterest

6. Listen to this song and try not to dance. I think it’s actually better if you don’t watch the video, so you can picture people dancing in the funkiest way possible. I always picture Psy, for some weird reason.

7. People who don’t eat junk food weird me out. I do try to eat healthy and choose fruit over candy bars, nuts over chips, veggies and protein over giant plates of fried food every day. But when I want a treat, I have one. I eat dessert. I order the onion rings. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to look back on my deathbed and wish I had counted my calories more closely.

Source: tumblr.com via Martha on Pinterest

8. On a related note, can you even imagine meeting Jennifer Lawrence and not loving her? Me neither.

9. I play this little game with myself of trying to pump gas on the dollar. This would drive me nutty.

Source: imgur.com via Martha on Pinterest

10. There’s nothing quite like being guilt-tripped by a sighing cat while you’re trying to work on your blog. Oh, wait, there is: being guilt-tripped by a pair of sighing cats. On that note, I’m signing off for the day!


  • Yun, The Polish Hideout

    Hehe yay you’re doing so well on your spending ban… keep it up! :-)
    I don’t eat much junk food. I don’t like the way they taste lol. I’m weird, but I really like the way veggies and tofu taste. :P

    ~ Yun

    • Martha Woods

      Hehe, I try to avoid junk food but then I’ll get these insane cravings for it!!! I do love less processed items most of the time, but I wish I had a natural affinity for veggies–I really struggle to eat them!!!

  • Rebecca and Lori

    I adore Calvin and Hobbes. I love them. I recently brought in some of my books so my students could be introduced to them, and now they’re hooked too!

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