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Random Thursday: 5 fun facts about me…


1. I fall asleep the easiest if the dryer, a lawn mower, or the dishwasher is running. When I was growing up we lived in a small house so you could hear the dryer all over the house, so now when I hear the dryer it’s a very comforting sound and makes me want to take a nap! The dishwasher sounds similar-ish, I suppose. And lawn mowers have a similar hum, plus the smell of cut grass is awesome!

2. I get on these kicks of eating the same food every day for a couple of weeks, like teriyaki noodles or oatmeal with raisins. Then I won’t eat it at all for a long time.

3. I actually used to not be a “cat person”, I was strictly a “dog person”. I didn’t like the idea of having a litter box or an animal in the house that would be climbing onto everything I owned. Then I wound up with a rescue cat and it all sort of went downhill from there, and now I prefer cats to dogs. They don’t need as much supervision since they sleep so much, they don’t slobber, they eat less, they’re easier to keep clean, and they don’t take up as much space.

4. As much as I love fictional stories about time travel, I would never want to do it in real life. I think the prior eras are highly romanticized in film and books and it would be much harder getting around back then, especially with no medicine, electricity, easy access to food and water, etc. Plus, think about how they treated women who didn’t know their “place”–I’d be burned at the stake as a witch in such a hurry.

5. I love buying gifts for other people…so much so, that I kind of have to watch my budget. It’s easy enough for me to put something back on the shelf if it’s a frivolous purchase for myself, but I’m constantly spotting things and thinking, “Ooh, I need to get that for so and so, she’d love it!” And then I’ll make up a ridiculous excuse to justify spending money on a present for no reason. I’m getting better about not doing this because I realized I was using up all of the good gifts ideas and then getting to birthdays and other holidays with no idea of what to wrap up for people. So now I buy things and store them in a box in the closet until an appropriate occasion comes up!


  • Small Budget Beauty

    I really enjoy posts like these, lets us get to know the person behind the blog! I’m a total cat person too, you are right, they do not need as much supervision :) I’m a giver too, when Christmas comes around I really have to watch my budget and no go crazy!

  • Unpublished Life

    Oh my goodness, I am the queen of the food-kick. It is actually a running joke with friends and family. I have been known to eat the same dinner every night for months on end … basil pesto pasta was about 6 months. I kid you not.

    Stopping by from Linny’s link-up!

  • Jasmine

    #1) The Dryer or the AC running in the summer total, beautiful, nap inducing white noise! #2) I just got off my Triscuits and cheese kick, I feel bagels may be next. #3)Always been a cat person, because we only had dogs growing up,and they are so much work! I love my cat partly because he doesn’t NEED me. #4)I soooo agree! Plus I am blind as a bat so if I went back before glasses were widely available…I’d be SOL. Or dead of some horrid disease within a week because I drank the water. #5) I have the gift box too! I love to buy for other people – which is why I LOVE swaps (and why I sent 2 books – don’t feel bad!) and so now I just save my treasures and I always have a gift that I got at a great deal :)
    Fun post!

    • Martha Woods

      It makes me sleepy just thinking about it! There’s nothing like a summer nap.

      Imagine if you took a pair of glasses back in time with you–people would think you were a sorceress!

  • meg m

    I was never a cat person before I got one either! I thought they were weird and frankly mean. Now I may be slightly obsessed…
    I can only fall asleep to a hum. I always have to have the fan on while I’m trying to fall asleep. It’s the worst when the power goes off and the house is dead silent!
    Thanks for linking up!

    • Martha Woods

      To be fair that was before you had Smudge! I don’t know how anyone could not love turn into a cat person after him!

      If it’s dead silent I can’t sleep at all. I just lie awake thinking about ghosts and serial killers and lovely things like that!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Lin

    I think it’s so funny that you fall asleep easiest with those sounds cause I actually do the same but with rocking, haha. Yeah, like a baby. My husband will sometimes lay besides me & just gently nudge me back & forth for a while and I’ll end up snoring within a few minutes.

    Couldnt agree with you more on the time traveling. Truth is women of our generation of women are so headstrong that there’s no way we could ever be “told” what to do like in the old days. Nuh-uh, not up in here!

  • M.

    1. White noise. For the win. 2. I do the same thing! 3. I think it’s a bit absurd that people have to be cat or dog people. I’m just an animal person. I love them all. 4. This actually made me giggle. Whenever I see movies of those times I’m like their skirts would be so dirty from the mud and horse crap on the road, the kerosene would make their skin black, and ugh the smells! I’m a clean freak. I will stick with now, thanks very much. 5. Aw! Lin does the same thing. She’s one of the most generous people I know! I hate not having great gift ideas for people, but if I get it right it feels awesome!

    • Martha Woods

      I love all animals except for snakes and tarantulas. I’ll see baby bats or something and be all “awwwww!” and my husband is like, “NO! You can not have one for a pet!” Hmph.

      The dirtiness of older centuries would bug me too. Blech. What can I say, I’m spoiled by modern life!

  • Yun, The Polish Hideout

    About your #5, I’m the same, but I love buying specifically nail polish for others haha. :D

    ~ Yun

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