Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: 5/14/13

1. After a week of 90-degree weather I broke down and put an AC unit in the bedroom and one in the living room. Today, it’s 60 degrees and rainy. Oh well, I’m prepared!

2. In case you haven’t yet gotten this stuck in your head…

3. Oh nom, nom, nom. I could see some variations on this with chocolate, strawberries, etc…


4. Thank goodness inventory day is over at work. After a long week of staying late in the mornings to try to get things ready I’m worn out and ready for a lazy weekend.
5. I finally cracked and tucked into the bag of Starburst jelly beans that I’ve been hiding away since Easter. It was the stress eating, I tell you.
6. Duly noted: the local thrift stores are a great place to find books for $1 apiece. I really need that third book shelf.
7. Anyone else completely forget about an old song from the 90s and then rediscover it by accident in the suggested videos sidebar on YouTube? On a side note…I wonder if these 90s artists ever Google their old videos and groan in embarrassment at how ridiculous they look?

8. I have no idea what’s going on in this picture but I love it.


9. I never used to get the jokes about boxes and cats until I got my little cat. She’s claimed a shoebox for her own and will actually curl up and sleep in it when she’s not feeling good. Well, whatever works–it’s saving me money on buying a fancy cat lounger from the pet store.

10. Yeah, I’m out of ten things already. Well, hey…at least it’s my weekend!


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