Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: 6/11/13

1. I’ve been missing all of my regular linkups lately. :( It’s good to be getting back on track!

2. One of the reasons I’ve been AWOL: I’ve been in a painting frenzy. Photos to come soon (the paintings are still drying, but I should be able to hang them up this week).

3. My mom sent me this video and it’s awesome. I think the French accent just makes it funnier.

4. A while back I mentioned being bummed that the local movie theater had closed; well, a new owner has set it up as a discount theater, which means we’ll get to see all the big cool movies for $2 a pop after they end their run at the Regal and AMC theaters. Score!

5. And speaking of which, today we’re going to see G.I. Joe: Retaliation, which means this song has been stuck in my head. Anyone know where I can buy the track online? I didn’t see it on Amazon, which is where I buy most of my music.

6. Do you ever reach the end of a book or TV series and suddenly slow waaaaaaay down…not because it got boring, but because you just couldn’t bear for it to end? I’m dragging my feet on wrapping up the final season of Fringe because I know I’ll miss it once it’s done. Next up I think I’ll check out Sherlock and Copper–they both look pretty good!

7. I just had to share this photo. Too. Stinking. Cute. My husband cannot believe that I find baby bats cute; I say they look like little cats with wings. And claws! he adds. Well duh, honey. What do you think my cats use to shred everything in the house? Of course a winged cat would have claws.

(image via Pinterest)

8.One week left until vacation! Woot woot!

9. Because my birthday is this month, I’ve going to have a larger than usual giveaway coming up at the end of the month, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

10. Who says nice guys finish last?

(image via Pinterest via TheMetaPicture.com)


  • Katrin

    I can’t wait to see your paintings! So cool that you paint again, I need to start again too!
    That is awesome about the discount theater!
    I know what you mean. Sometimes when I watch shows and know they end I even save the last episodes for later. And when I read a book then I read it so slowly because I never want it to end!
    #7 is so cuuuuuute! You know that I love bats too!
    Yay for the vacation!
    I have always loved Zach Galifianakis! What a great guy!

    • Martha Woods

      I’m going to take some pictures this week of the painting I did for our bedroom. It turned out pretty well I think!

      I love that cute little bat! He looks like he’s smiling. :)

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