Random Thursday: 5 things on my bucket list

1. Travel. I would like to see so many places around the world–New Zealand, Italy, Ireland, etc.

2. Publish a book. Or more than one!

3. Learn a second language. I’m working on my German now.

4. Ride an elephant.

5. Take a multi-day hiking trip, just me and the wilderness. Or maybe I could bring one friend along, but I really like being alone in the forest. It’s special.

What are five things on your bucket list?


  • Katrin

    I want to travel a lot too, there are so many places I want to see!
    And I also want to write a book!
    I also want to learn more languages. I need to get better at French and Italian. And Swedish would be cool! And Spanish! :)

  • M.

    I am totally with you on most of these except for the last one. It sounds like a lot of work and bugs. I technically know a couple of languages, but I’ve never considered myself fluent because I’ve never lived anywhere that spoke either one – so I guess I should add that to my list! Thanks for sharing your list with us! :)

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