Sunday confessions: 7/28/13

Once again I’m linking up with Alyx for Sunday Confessions! This week, I must confess that…

1. I got way geeky yesterday when I found out that one of my favorite fashion bloggers (aka ModaMama) will be starring in an upcoming sci-fi film that is not only full of strong female leads but–wait for it–wait for it–all about time travel.

Oh, I’m sorry…have I never properly conveyed the level of adoration I have for any story involving time travel? I must confess: this was basically me after I opened that blog post.

30 Rock

The film is called Synchronicity and right now they’re in the middle of their Indiegogo fundraising campaign, so it will be a little while until the film hits screens. But I’m still super-stoked.

2. I can’t believe July is over already. I’m still working on my June projects! Yes, my time management skills need some work. But I’m getting better.

3. I hung a dress one size too small in the office doorway so that every time I’m tempted to sit in front of the computer and nosh, I’ll turn around and go work out for a bit instead. I realize having too-small clothing in the house is what every single health guru tells you not to do, but the dress is so darn cute that I think it really might just be the kick in the butt that I need to get back into a workout routine. I guess we’ll find out whether bucking the conventional wisdom will work this time!**

**Totally not trying to get on a skinny kick there, so please don’t take it as such. I just know for me, I feel my best when I’m exercising more and not eating so much junk food, and it’s easier to stick to that plan if I can gage it by a physical measurement like fitting into a favorite piece of clothing, as opposed to the generic “you’ll feel so good” motivation. Because you know what else feels good? Mint chocolate chip ice cream and a couple of hours of Pinterest. Oh yeah.


  • Pang Ly

    So far the time travel movies I’ve seen have been pretty good. I think most of us at some point have wished we could travel through time either wondering what the future would be like or if we had done something different in the past, our future or present could have taken a different turn.

  • Katrin

    I think you could have a pretty long discussion with David about time traveling, he is totally into it!
    And I can understand your strategy with the dress!I think it is a pretty good motivation. I need to work out more so maybe I should try something like that too!

    • Martha Woods

      Have you ever read the ‘Outlander’ series, by Diana Gabaldon? It’s all historical fiction/romance/time travel. Really cool.

      Well the dress kept me out of the ice cream last night, so far so good! :D

  • lissa

    not quite a fan of time travel but when it is done well, than I’m all for watching it.

    & I think any motivation is good as long as it helps you in some way.

    thanks for stopping by. hope you have a sweet day.

  • Alyx

    Wait, do they really tell you not to do that? Because I should probably empty my closet of all of my pre-prego jeans that I’m trying to get my but back into!!!

    Except I will NOT do that, because DANGIT that is my motivation, and I WILL fit into them again. Don’t throw out the dress. It’s probably too cute to be wasted, anyway.

    Don’t talk about mint chocolate chip and pinterest… I succumb to peer pressure far too easily.

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