Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: 7/2/13


1. We’re having a heat wave here so thank goodness for AC. Opening the door is like opening an oven. No likey.

2. I really really want E.S. Posthumous to write a film score. Please, please, please someone make that happen?

3. I did get another one of my wishes granted when M83 scored Oblivion. And it was quite perfect.
4. Speaking of movies: anyone else curious to see Joss Whedon’s take on Much Ado About Nothing? I can’t really put the two together in my head.
5. I am just so not feeling this return to normal life after vacation. I want another week or two off just to be lazy. Waaaah. I know, poor me.
6. How early do you think wedding invitations should be sent out? We just got one for a wedding taking place in a mere month. Am I the only one who is not no way under any circumstances able to swing time off work and all of the other necessities (travel budget, gift, etc.) in one short month? I always though you sent invites several months to one year in advance.
7. I finally tackled the giant stack of magazines collecting dust in the corner and clipped out all the stuff I wanted to paste into a notebook for my own growing style file; the rest went into the recycling bin. And I realized something: I gain very little from these magazines. Oh, they’re fun to flip through, but I didn’t wind up with very many articles I wanted to save. I guess that’s a sign it’s time to cancel the subscriptions!
8. According to Snopes this is false, but it seems like there’d be some way to build one. Just sayin’.
 Security Win. I'm speechless.
9. I have realized I spend waaaaaay too much time on Pinterest when I should be blogging.
10.Look, I made it to #10! That means I can embed a music video for the week and call it quits. This getting back into blogging thing is harder than it sounds.


  • Jasmine

    The bomb booth is totally win – win! I also have to many magazines for my own good, but I usually score them thru rewards programs and I just can’t say no to free! I’m not sure on wedding etiquette, but I think 3 months minimum if people have to travel. I somehow have stayed off Pinterest for a bit, but I’m making up for it on candy crush!

  • Katrin

    I definitely want to see that Joss Whedon movie. I am really curious how it is!
    And yeah, I would say one month is too short for a wedding invitation. I just got one for next August, which means in 13 months. :)

  • Lin

    We’re having a major heat wave here in SoCal too, not that it’s any different from our regular summers haha. But yes, I’m definitely spending all my time indoors, with the wonderful a/c.

    Thanks a ton for still posting a 10 on Tues even thought I slacked this week because of my new job. Love that you guys enjoy it :)

  • Yun, The Polish Hideout

    I always have the hardest time coming back from vacation. I need like at least a month off at a time to feel fully relaxed, and that about never happens lol. :D

    ~ Yun

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