Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: 7/23/13

1. Something to listen to…

2. This is the sort of embarrassing thing I would do.

3. If you’re having a bad day at all, watch this video of journalist Charlie Bird getting cuddled by a pair of baby elephant seals. Too. Much. Cuteness.

4. I wish I didn’t burn when I go in the sun, because right now just flopping down on the lawn and sleeping there sounds pretty darn good. I know exactly how that would end, though!
5. That awkward moment when you get a bug on your arm and scream and shimmy across the room in horror, only to realize it’s a piece of lint…
6. Hooray for using up my last bit of summer vacation. Hopefully I get some stuff accomplished this week and don’t just nap the days away.
7. My level of productivity drops exponentially in relationship to my open Pinterest and Spotify browser tabs. But seriously–I’ve picked up a wealth of genius DIYs to play with and discovered a ton of new music I love this week! Right now I just keep listening to everything by Ratatat.

8. So I was all excited for the movie version of Divergent, until I scrolled through the cast list and decided that they totally miscast Four. Theo James doesn’t look anything like the Four that I pictured when I was reading the book. Now I don’t even want to see it. :( Have any of you guys read Divergent? If so, what do you think of the casting? I need to go pick up the sequels and finish the trilogy sometime soon…
9. On a different note: Batman and Superman are going to be in a movie together?! Who do you think will play Batman this time around, since Christian Bale is apparently not going to return to the role?
10. This just makes me love George R.R. Martin even more than before.


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