Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: 7/9/13

1. So first of all…I am so happy Lin’s back for Ten on Tuesday. I’ve missed her posts! Go say hi to her and check out the funny GIF she posted this week–that’s totally me when I’m “watching calories”.

2. So I had my annual eval at work and I got the good review I was hoping for. (Insert small happy dance here.)

3. BUT! My mouth got ahead of my brain and I agreed to work tonight! So on my first week back from vacay, I’m working six days and only taking one off. I know, I know, someone call the wahmbulance.

4. Baby Jiao has a new hobby: bringing cicadas into the house for her sporting pleasure. Do you know how freaky it is to find them under my rugs?! Especially when I have a phobia of bugs! Ugh.

5. There are few things quite as joyful as tucking a bar of dark chocolate in the back of the fridge, forgetting about it, and then rediscovering it at an opportune time.

6. This is basically how last week felt. Now it’s cooler and rainy, thank goodness.

7. I managed not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES to get bits of dried glue in my eye last night while opening shipping boxes. This totally killed my plan to test drive some new eye makeup items since I wound up washing it all off while rinsing my eyes out in the bathroom. Better luck tonight, I hope.
8. I think I might finally join Tumblr, so if any of you guys are on there leave me a link so I can go check you out!
9. I know I posted this in my vacation series, but it’s too strange and funny not to share again. (These are, by the way, quite tasty, even if the package is odd!)
10. I started listening to this band after finding some of their videos posted on Katrin’s blog, so here’s one for you to enjoy too. I will totally admit that I initially thought the group was actually a duo of a girl named Belle and a guy named Sebastian. Erps.


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