Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: Back to school and “baltering”

1. I am so excited that my sort-of/unofficial godsister starts high school this year–it means she’ll finally be out of uniforms and able to go shopping for back to school clothes! And you just know who’s going to be overseeing that operation.


2. I’m sad that summer is nearly over already–where did the time go, anyway?!–but I won’t miss the summer heat.

3. You know what is awesome about fall though? Pumpkin donuts. I must find a way to veganize these.

4. Unfortunately, as we head into fall…I know that the long, long holiday season is right around the corner. Seriously, it seems to start on Labor Day now! I’m not ready for that nonsense yet.
5. After six months of watching, we finally finished all five seasons of Fringe. As strange as the last season was and as happy as I was to see how it all wrapped up, I’m still bummed that it’s over. You know it’s a great story when it’s hard to move on afterward.
6. I don’t even know what this is, but it’s one of the few times someone has said “OMG watch this you’ll die laughing!!!!!!!!!” and I actually did indeed laugh out loud.

7. Look! There’s a word for what I do!

8. It kind of looks like this.


9. I’m trying so hard to be good and stick to a healthy diet but dammit, it’s so hard.


10. Finally…your music for the week.


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