Random Thursday: A place in my city I love

There are actually quite a few places in my city that I love, but I don’t have pictures of them (boohoo). I guess I could have grabbed the camera and biked around taking pictures today, but I was in a mood to be lazy and lounge around the house eating grilled cheese sandwiches and watching Game of Thrones. I’m allowed to spend the last few hours before the workweek being lazy, right?

Anyway, here are some of my favorite spots, in no particular order:

  • The best darn Thai restaurant ever. Not only because their food is delicious, but also because the interior is crazy-cool (must post pics sometime), they will veganize almost anything for you, the waitstaff is super-friendly, and they’ll prep orders for carryout if you call ahead.
  • The library. Oh, shocker, you say. Yeah, it’s kind of obvious, but what makes this library extra-nice is that when they expanded into a new building they made sure to include plenty of reading nooks and spots by the windows, so if you need somewhere to hang out, it’s a nice place to do so.

Oh, and this place, of which I do have a picture (yay!). This is a local hiking spot with great views of the lake and the mountains. It used to have a huge parking lot at the trailhead where you got two hours of free parking and the rest of the day at a cheapie rate, provided there was even someone at the parking booth to take your money. Half the time the booth was empty and you got to park all day for free. Then someone who probably couldn’t appreciate natural beauty if it kicked him in the teeth decided to buy the parking lot and raze it to build tennis courts for the tourists. You can still park to go use the hiking trails, you just have to do it in his conveniently located (expensive) parking garage. I’m pretty sure he would have bought the hiking trails from the city to build something there too, but they’re too hilly. Because what this world really needs is more building and less nature!

Okay, rant over. One more spot that’s actually a ways out of the city, but is too gorgeous not to include.This lake is freezing cold year round on account of being very deep, but it’s a wonderful place to swim, hike, picnic, and of course–take pictures.

What are your favorite places in your city?


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