Random Thursday: Beat the heat tips…



The heat is finally fading here, thank goodness. But we still have the occasional hot day or night. So here are a few of my tips for those times when blasting the fans and AC just doesn’t cut it…
  • Ice cream. Or sorbet. Sorbet is actually a little better since it doesn’t leave you feeling so “full”.
  • Lots of iced tea! I make it by the gallon ahead of time.
  • Spend one day making lots of pasta salads, fruit dishes, cold sandwiches and other no-heat foods and wrap them all up in the fridge. Then you can eat the rest of the week without standing over a hot stove.
  • Buy some of those dark thermal-backed curtains that make the room super-dark and keep the temperature level. I have them in my bedroom and they work wonders at keeping the room cooler in the summer; when winter comes they help keep all the warm air from fleeing right out the window, too. Hey, there’s a little eco-energy-saving tip for ya ;) 
  • Go to the movie theater at the warmest part of the day. AC + cold soda + a movie = the perfect escape!
  • Go out at night. I’m a night owl anyway, but if you just can’t get out during the day because of the heat–seriously, plan a nighttime excursion! Pack a picnic and go sit somewhere with a view of the stars, and just chitchat. It’s cool and relaxing and you get to focus on talking to your favorite people without the distractions of phones, computers, TV, or other background noise.

What are your favorite ways to beat the heat?


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