Random Thursday: I wish they were never canceled…

I’m not a big TV watcher, so my entry here is pretty lame. But I do have one show I really would have liked to stick around!

Who else remembers Jericho? I had to look it up on IMDB–it was way back in 2006! The plot centered around the residents of a small Kansas town who suddenly find themselves in the dark–literally and figuratively–after seeing a mushroom cloud bloom on the horizon. In the ensuing chaos they have to figure out how to survive while also searching for answers about the cloud and defending themselves from marauding armies now prowling the countryside. The writing was great and there were so many secrets and backstories slowly unspooling, it was hard not to get hooked.

I remember sitting through one intense season only to find out it had been canceled; apparently a second season happened without my knowledge because, you know, short attention span. I’ll probably end up buying this on DVD sooner or later since the full series is only around $35 on Amazon–and there are apparently graphic novels that continue the story where the TV show left off. I just can’t figure out how something that was smart and suspenseful could get canceled but shows like The Bachelor are still bulldozing on!

What TV series do you miss the most?


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