Random Thursday: Things that help me relax…

Probably the most relaxing thing for me is a nice long shower with my favorite scented body wash, body lotion, and nice scented candles. Not to go all New Age here, but aromatherapy is really underrated. Whenever I’m stressed out, especially if I can’t sleep, this really does the trick to make me unwind and relax.

Other things that help me relax:

  • Cuddling with my kitties
  • Looking at LOLs on Pinterest
  • A cup of hot tea
  • Lazing around with a good book and a blanket

If it’s not so much a matter of unwinding but rather a lot of nervous energy or anger, I need to do something physical to release all that stress. It can be a full-blown deep cleaning of the house or a huge hike–getting out and getting moving really seems to work to drain away the tension, both mentally and physically.

What helps you relax? Leave me a comment and let me know!


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