Sunday Confessions: I am apparently a terrible person

Once again I’m linking up with Alyx for Sunday Confessions! This week I really only have one confession to make, and it’s that I am apparently a terrible, terrible person.

I have no idea what this was pulled from, because it’s floating all over the Internet and I can’t find a source. (If you know, let me know too so I can properly credit it.) Anyway, I am apparently a terrible person and headed to hell because I believe in tenets of Eastern religions like karma; practice yoga; am eco-friendly (we’ll call it “Earth Worship”–sounds catchier); like cyberpunk culture; meditate; am a vegetarian; enjoy postmodernist art; like The Lord of the Rings; watch vampire movies; play video games; read books from the D&D franchise; list to rock music and heavy metal; have seen the Twilight films; and like goth culture.

To be entirely clear I do not believe in dabbling around with things like Ouija boards, but that’s an entirely different spiel for a different day. I just think this list is hilarious in the scope of things it considers “doorways to demonic possession”. Now excuse me while I go eat a sinfully delicious salad and watch the LOTR box set extras for the umpteenth time.

What do you have to confess this Sunday?


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