Sunday Confessions: rolling my eyes

Once again it’s time to link up with Alyx for Sunday Confessions! This week I confess that my week has been one big series of eye rolls.

Someone at work (may or may not have been a boss) started talking to me about how hard they had been working all night, and I’m pretty sure I rolled my eyes so hard they got stuck in the back of my skull.

I really roll my eyes at magazine companies and other businesses that urge me to switch to paperless billing to “go green!”, but send me junk mail at least once or twice a month, urging me to purchase new services or whatever.


Oh, and then there are the people who come up to you and say things that are just so “Whaaaaaa…”-inducing that all you can do is sit there and look at them like:

I’m sorry. If you were going to make a mountain out of a molehill for the express purpose of throwing yourself a pity party, you should have sent out RSVPs so I could decline to attend. I really believe that if you walk around looking for things to offend you, you will find them, so have fun with that.


And as much as I really, really love my friends, when one of them asks, “Can’t you just stop being vegan for a day?” they get a really big eye roll. That’s like telling someone to stop having allergies for a day and just eat the peanut butter.

 Okay, I know I’m not the only one who rolled my eyes at this: Ben Affleck as Batman.

Yeah, he wasn’t my first choice either. Zack Snyder, you are no longer on my Cool People list.

Let’s all have a collective eye roll for this:

And for this, which is from earlier in the month, but which (for some reason) I remembered this week and so rolled my eyes over it again just for the heck of it.

I give bonus points to the last comment. She made my day. (If you want to take the survey yourself, you can find it here.) Also, I am not sure what these answers say about me and my friends. Kanye, Taylor and JT? Halp.

If something made you roll your eyes this week, tell me about it!


  • Pang Ly

    As annoying as it may seem, these would make good conversations starters, lol. My week wasn’t too bad. I had one instance where a co-worker asked me a question about something I’ve already discussed with her and with a big sigh, I replied to it. She then said “yeah I know that. I was just confused.” I don’t get these people. If I’m confused, if I don’t know, or if I’ve forgotten, I say so. I never ask a question and then tell the person who answers that I already know.

  • Jasmine

    Love this post (excellent gif choices!) the “stop being a vegan for a day” would get an eye roll and a “Seriously?!?” from me, plus a lecture to ensure they never asked again. One of my co-workers got a HUGE eye roll from me when she told everyone how might take a jaunt to Costa Rica while she’s vacationing in Aruba because THEY ARE RIGHT BY EACH OTHER… seen a globe much?

  • Glazed Over

    Hahah I love this blog post – will certainly be checking back for more! “Can you stop being vegan for a day?” How ignorant! Oh man.. I rolled my eyes for you!

  • Amy Yelton

    I love these posts, had to do an eye roll for the poor kid that thought Titanic was just a movie. Right there with you about the paperless billing, Why do they feel the need to stuff the envelope that your bill comes in with so much junk, just send me the bill LOL. Took that quiz and I got Taylor Swift.

  • Katrin

    I roll my eyes all the time too. Your friends seriously asked you to stop being vegan for one day? Haha, that is hilarious!
    Ben Affleck as Batman? I did not even hear about that. Well, we will see how that works out.
    PS: My alter ego is Kanye West too.

    • Martha Woods

      Oh, that’s too funny! I’m not sure the site knows who Kanye West is, because I don’t think I’m that much like him. Or else I’m a very poor judge of my own character :P

  • Erin Celeste

    Can you stop being vegan for a day?? I don´t think anyone would dare ask me that..they know better! I recently did an eye roll when someone in my office asked me if Stephen Hawking was a singer.

  • Yun, The Polish Hideout

    Lol!! I can’t believe anyone would ask if you can stop being vegan for a day. That deserves many eyerolls… I’m surprised your eyes are still in their sockets after that. :D As for the Ben Afflect being Batman… I dunno, I don’t see anything wrong with it. At least it won’t be any worse than the string of Batmans we’ve had recently. :P

    ~ Yun

    • Martha Woods

      I really hope he does okay. He just doesn’t seem like the superhero type to me, so I’m having trouble picturing it. But I know I’m going to end up seeing the movie one way or another…I like movies too much! ;P

  • brittany t

    haahahah I laughed out loud many times reading this post!

    Girl, I had an eye-rolling situation going on last week…but happy to say all is well again thank God!

    One thing i can’t stand that I roll my eyes and grunt with irritation are those sales inserts inside magazines that fall out or get in the way while you’re reading!

    and tsk to that person at your work..like you don’t work hard too!? btw, I love alyx and yet to link up….

  • Chestnut Mocha

    This is so strange! I start typing a comment, and then my computer refreshes the page when I’m half way through! rrr Eye-roll! :-)

    But seriously, I was saying that you are hilarious! And that when stupid things happen/are being said or done, I usually immediately discuss it with Ben, we both roll our eyes and move on, so it’s hard to remember later. This morning we had a meeting at work that was totally ridiculous. Especially when the editors were discussing a story for the future magazine about some spy that sold some secrets to Soviet Union back in 1980s, every time they would say “Russia” or “Russians”, they’d look at me or gesture my way – that was pretty stupid and annoying on their part.

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