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Ten on Tuesday: music memories

It’s Tuesday again, which means it’s time to link up for the weekly Ten on Tuesday hop! Ten on Tuesday is now being hosted by Two-Thirds Scarlett, so please go check out her blog. :)
1. Well for starters–thank goodness it’s the weekend.


2. To really appreciate this dancing cat GIF from Hoppip’s Tumblr, you have to turn on a techno song and watch the cats do the wave to the beat. Try something from Tiesto. (Go check out that Tumblr by the way–it’s full of cute kitty GIFs and drawings.)

15 Delightful Illustrated GIFs That Will Make You Smile
Hoppip / Via
3. So apparently the big news this week is that there will be an ‘NSYNC reunion at the VMAs next Sunday. And the internet is all like…

And I’m over here like…


WHY? Is it not enough that we have One Direction running loose in the world?

4. As if that news wasn’t enough to remind me of my age, Spotify also felt the need to jump in with some musical memories. And also with a reminder that in each stage of my life thus far–childhood, teenagerdom, and now as an adult–I have been unable to escape the musical scourge that is Justin Timberlake. (No offense, “Suit and Tie” fans.)
5. I mean, really, Spotify–you couldn’t recommend some vintage Foo Fighters or something?

6. By the way, boys–the Dave Grohl look is only attractive if you are in fact Dave Grohl. If you are marginally employed and living in your parent’s basement until you “make it big”, you just look like a silly wannabe who needs to wash his hair.

7. You have to go see this Vine of a truck driving off a highway overpass. No, really, this happened. (The driver is okay, by the way.)

8. I am trying so hard to get into season two of Game of Thrones but it is just nowhere nearly as good as the books. Things ought to get a lot better once this smooth criminal shows up, considering he was my favorite character in all of book two. But I don’t really know that I’ll bother going on to season three. The TV show has just really been a letdown. :(

9. I guess you know you’ve given a cat a really good rubdown when he stops purring to give you a double head boop.

10. This note and response was written on a box in our stockroom. I don’t what’s funnier, the fact that someone wrote a note requesting garbage pickup or the fact that someone else replied to shame them and still did not take the box to the trash. This box has been sitting there for months. Months, people. It’s like something from a Dilbert cartoon.


  • Yun, The Polish Hideout

    NSYNC is reuniting for the VMAs?!?! OMG, you just made my day! Not sure how I missed this news, but you can be sure I’m definitely watching it. :P And that truck going the bridge is crazy… glad the driver is ok.

    ~ Yun

  • Alyssa Whitt

    1. Love Kuzko.
    3. I freaked a little bit. Hahaha. The 2nd gif made me laugh.
    7. WOW. HOW did he mess that up? And HOW is he still alive??
    9. I live for head boops.

    THANK YOU for linking up!

  • Alchemy Rikku

    Heard the same thing this morning. One of the members are saying that just ’cause Justin is getting some award at the VMAs everyone thinks they’re OMG REUNITING! Seems like they’re playing the “we aren’t, but we really are” game.

    That box is funny xD That’s like when the two in the office I work in bring up plates and glasses, months can pass and they’re like “oh those are still there, how come they’re still there? Why haven’t they been taken down?”. ‘Cause they can’t walk themselves ;x

  • Katrin

    Haha, you always make me laugh, Martha!
    And I really need to check out the Game of Thrones books. I have watched the show but have never read the books which really is a shame!

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