Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: September issues and spoof videos


1. I just LOVE getting the September issues of my favorite fashion magazines! They’re always the best issues of the whole year, I think because fall is my favorite season.

2. Speaking of fall fashion: I saw the most perfect-ever pair of burgundy stacked-heel over-the-knee suede boots in the September issue of Lucky and now I’m obsessed with finding a similar pair. I’d also be thrilled with camel if I can’t find burgundy. The only trick is going to be finding a vegan-friendly pair…so if you see something, shout at me!

3. I think I’ve eaten enough homemade cinnamon raisin bread for a small part of people this week. Do you guys want to see a recipe?

4. We’re finally going to see Man of Steel tonight. I hope it will be good. Considering it’s a collaboration between two of my favorite Hollywood directors, Zak Snyder and Christopher Nolan, I don’t see how it couldn’t be!

5. I think the body snatchers got ahold of my husband. This week he actually asked for a vegetarian meal for dinner because, quote, “I’ve had too much meat this week.” I know, I can’t believe it either! So if I suddenly stop posting, you’ll know they got me too :D

6. I’m so bummed that the new Butter London makeup collection is not vegan. I kind of forgot about it until my friend Katrin e-mailed me to tell me. No Pink Pistols eyeliner for me, then. :(

7. I love this song, and I think it’s pretty funny that Johnson and Andy Samberg made a video spoofing Samberg’s Saturday Night Live spoof of “The Mellow Man”.

8. I have a problem with forgetting to eat until I’m starving, and then I can barely wait for the food to cook and cool before digging in. Needless to say, I burn my mouth a lot.
9. I might be an adult but I still loathe visits to the dentist like a six-year-old.
10. I think I need to go to the library and get the Miss Marple mysteries to re-read. There’s just nothing to rival them!


    • Martha Woods

      Oh, you’ve missed out!! I don’t even know which one to recommend first…Murder at the Vicarage was the first in the series and pretty good. A Murder is Announced seems to be pretty universally liked too. Let me know if you pick one up and what you think!

  • Katrin

    #1 – I loooove fashion magazines! Well, all kinds of magazines! :)
    #2 – Sounds lovely. Good luck finding a similar pair. I’ll let you know if I see something. I can’t wait to start shopping for fall shoes. :)
    #3 – Yes please! I love raisins!
    #5 – I wish David would say something like that!
    #6 – I am so disappointed! I really expected more from them! I planned to buy some items.
    #8 – I burn my mouth a lot too.
    #10 – Love Miss Marple!

  • Yun, The Polish Hideout

    Miss Marple! Yes, love her too! Though I love Hercule Poirot just a little more. :) I also burn my mouth a lot, but for me, it’s cause I love my food pipping hot. If I’m eating leftovers, I’ve been know to reheat them after every few bites cause the food has cooled down too much in the meantime. lol. :D

    ~ Yun

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