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    Random Thursday: Let’s get spooky! Halloween faves

    I’m not a big Halloween person per se, but if there’s one thing I do like, it’s handing out candy to trick or treaters. I couldn’t even say why–I think it’s because I love to surprise people and I love to give things to people, so giving little kids candy is right up my alley. Kids just have this way of getting so excited over the small things, like a handful of candy, you can’t help but smile!

    I also like dressing up, just because I have a huge imagination and I love the excuse to put together something really crazy. Sadly, this year I have to work and managers can’t dress up (boo), so no costume for me. I had a steampunk costume all planned out, too. Oh well.

    What I don’t like about Halloween: the fact that I have to keep the cats inside for their own safety. If you have a black cat, please keep them indoors so they don’t become the target of mischief from people with small minds and no hearts. Had to make that PSA!

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    Ten on Tuesday: promotions, packages, and plenty of books

    1. Big drum roll for big news…I got a promotion! I’m moving up into a managerial position, and I’m thrilled. It’s going to be challenging, but I’m ready for a change and quite frankly, I was getting really bored with my old position. I need change and new tasks to tackle.

    2. I had the worst craving for strawberry lemonade today, and I don’t even know why.

    3. I’ve had the worst head cold all week, but I think it’s finally subsiding. I am swearing by Emergen-C–that blast of liquid vitamins does more than you’d think to keep you on your feet all night.

    4. I finally broke down and ordered a vegan Conscious Box after finding a code for a free box (you still pay the shipping fee). If you want to try the code too, it’s “FIRSTBOXFREE”. I can’t wait to see what kinds of goodies are inside–with so few vegan friends (um, okay, just one!) it’s hard to get recommendations for products, and I hate buying the full size of something that I might not like.

    5. Thank you Amanda for the book swap package! I’m trying to keep my mitts off the big stack of to-read’s on my coffee table until my weekend chores are done. But honestly all I want to do after my long week is curl up with tea and a book.

    6. And thank you to Katrin for my birthday package all the way from Germany! I have a really cool polish to show off here on the blog, probably tomorrow or Thursday. It will probably be my Polish of the Month, it’s so pretty :)

    7. I used to guzzle coffee, but lately I’ve become a bit of a tea junkie. I still love my java, I’m just really loving all the flavors and aromas of tea.

    8. I read the middle installments of two different trilogies this week and didn’t like either one. Or rather, they were merely middling (ha!), but a big letdown from the first installments. I think I’ll read some standalone novels now and hopefully the next series/sequel I pick up will be much better.

    9. I have realized I’m addicted to books. I credit my parents for all those weekly (or more often) trips to the library to replenish our reading stash. I’ve realized that I’m much happier and more mentally alert when I’m tearing through books rather than leafing through magazines or skimming the internet.

    10. Can you guys believe it’s almost November?! Seriously, where did the month go?!

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    99 questions you should ask yourself: part two

    Happy Friday everyone! Today it’s time to get into part two of “99 questions you should ask yourself”. You can read my friend Katrin’s answers here!

    11. How many minutes do you look at your phone each day?

    Not a lot, I guess. I text my husband a bit if he’s gone at work but I don’t have all the fancy stuff (Instagram, etc.) on my phone, so unless I’m talking to someone, I don’t use it much at all.

    12. Do you call your parents for no reason?

    Sometimes, but with our schedules it’s easier to write or e-mail. Having a calm period of time to talk on the phone with my mom is a treat!

    13. Do you know the story of how your parents met?

    I kind of remember it, if I think about it! It’s weird to think about one’s parents before they were parents. :P

    14. What do you miss when you are on vacation?

    My cats!

    15. What is the word of your childhood?

    I’m going to go for something random and say “snow”. Where I grew up, we could get quite a lot of snow in the winter, so those months were filled with sledding, snow forts, ice skating, etc. Now I live in an area that tends more toward cold and dry or possibly rainy, but we don’t get a lot of snow. I miss it, but I do have very good childhood memories of it!

    16. When was the last time you played a game?

    I don’t even remember. I’m not big on board games, honestly, and I don’t have time to get into video or computer games. Or rather, I do, but I choose to spend it buried in a book!

    17. Do you think more about your past or your future?

    Probably the future. I have a tendency to start worrying about things. I’m trying to change that and be more positive.

    18. In which language would you like to be fluent?

    Well, my German is getting off to a non-start, though I feel that if I can ask for kaffee, bucher and katzen than I have my essentials covered. I have an app downloaded to learn it but I haven’t found a lot of time to play with it.

    19. Do you try not to look like a tourist when you are on vacation?

    I can’t remember the last time I went somewhere tourist-y. I always try to blend in wherever I go though.

    20. Do you like yourself better when you are drunk?

    Well, I’ll put it this way: I don’t like other people when they are drunk, so I avoid it myself because I assume I wouldn’t like myself that way! Besides, I feel like I have so many things to do in life and so much to enjoy, and I’d rather experience those things wide awake than with through a hazy filter of alcohol. I don’t judge other people who want to drink, I just kind of prefer not to. It’s my choice. 

    Part three will be coming soon! :)

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    Random Thursday: Fave things to do in the fall

    Baking and cooking, for sure! I love to make cookies and hearty, stick-to-your ribs dishes like chili. This week we tried out Thai peanut soup, chili with Fritos, and pumpkin cranberry bread. Nom, nom, nom. I also end up drinking tons of tea in the fall–right now I’m hooked on Irish breakfast tea and chai spice tea.

    I also love stocking up on fall candles. I finally splurged and got some Scentsy warmers for the house so that I don’t have to worry about the kitties catching their whiskers on fire if I leave candles burning around the house; so now the house smells like cinnamon, apple pie, pumpkin, and coffee. I think the house feels much warmer and cozier with nice candles burning, plus it’s fun to have dinner and a movie by candlelight. It feels more like a date night and less like a night of sitting on the couch in your sweats!

    I love driving around to look at the changing scenery. Out here in the West we don’t get the riot of color that you see in the Northeast, but we do have some color and when it shows up against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains, all the better!

    I really, really love shopping for fall clothes. I hoard boots and scarves. Even if two pair of boots look exactly the same, I want them both.

    Now that the weather is colder, I’m enjoying the excuse to curl up with tea and a good book for hours on end. Especially on a gloomy day, books make everything better.

    What are your fave things to do in the fall?

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    99 questions you should ask yourself: part one

    Happy hump day everyone! Today I have something that I stole from my friend Katrin over at Land of Candy Canes. This is a series of “99 questions you should ask yourself”, but broken down into smaller chunks to be more manageable. Please go check out her answers too!

    1. What are you addicted to?

    Books, coffee, animals, chocolate, and the internet.

    2. What’s the first thing you would do if you were invisible?

    Eavesdrop on people! I would want to know what they were saying and doing when they thought no one was watching. I know, that’s horrible–but I bet you’d find out some really interesting things about the people you thought you knew so well!

    3. Pictures or plants in your office?

    Pictures, because all of the plants are in the kitchen where they have a nice south-facing window to let in lots of sunlight!!

    4. If you could magically change a part of your body, which one would it be?

    My legs. They’re not awful but they aren’t the nicest and all the bruises and cuts from my clumsiness have not helped matters.

    5. Do you know people who would want to have sex with you immediately?

    Um, that’s kind of personal, but I would sure hope my husband!

    6. How often do you Google yourself?

    I’ve done it a few times, just to see what comes up. Once I found out that I had been quoted in a Wikipedia entry for a movie that I had reviewed while freelancing for a small e-news site. (It’s gone now because I quit that job, but apparently it’s cached at an e-tail store selling the DVD!) Also, interestingly enough, the first entry that pops up when I Google myself is a story about a serial killer who shared my name.

    7. Have you ever been depressive?

    I suppose we all get depressed from time to time…I try really hard to be positive though.

    8. What is the most embarrassing thing you can find on the internet about you?

    Maybe some old pictures where I’m not wearing makeup. But I’ve never been big on posting things to the internet (until I started blogging) so I guess my answer to this is fairly unexciting.

    9. Do you think that time heals all wounds?

    No. Maybe you learn to cope, or things happen that make life a little better, but some wounds never really heal. However, I think that you can let them cripple you permanently or you can learn from them and become a stronger person in the future.

    10. Which words of education of your parents would you never say to your kids? 

    I can’t think of any from my parents. They did a pretty good job, despite the fact that I’m sure I was a difficult child. I’m a difficult adult, for sure, so it had to start somewhere! This is probably less actual words of education and more of an attitude or an example overall, but I see a lot of other parents who malign people who are different in some way–maybe they’re poor, or mentally handicapped, or come from a different culture–and they really educate their children to pick on anyone who is different or less privileged. And I hate that. If I had kids I would teach them to always be kind, no matter what, because you just don’t know the other person’s story and why they are they way they are!

    Stay tuned for the rest of the questions, I’ll post them over the coming weeks :)