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    Ten on Tuesday: October 2013’s music picks

    1. I love dubstep and I love classical music, so I’m thrilled that this girl put the two together.
    2. Can’t stop dancing to this.
    3. These guys make me think of a heavy metal version of the Beatles, which makes sense given they’re named after a George Harrison song.
    4. This should totally be the theme music to an epic adventure like Game of Thrones. E.S. Posthumus needs to write a movie soundtrack in the future, for sure.
    5. I don’t normally listen to stuff that’s currently hot on the radio, but this is one good exception.
    6. Another danceable tune.
    7. I don’t even remember how I found this (probably Spotify), but now I can’t stop listening to it.
    8. I love Eddie’s voice, and I really love the guitar in this song.
    9. I guess Tom is a brand-new artist. I haven’t listened to his full album but I really like this track.
    10. This is such a beautiful song, and very soothing to me.

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    Random Thursday: A random fact that blew my mind

    There are lots of mind-blowing facts out there, but I’m always amazed when I read the numbers on the amount of undiscovered species of plants and animals in the world. I’ve read studies that estimate just a small fraction of species have been discovered and cataloged, with millions and millions of species yet to be discovered and no real grasp of the total number still out there. And what’s worse, human destruction of natural habitats means that thousands (if not millions) of species of plants, animals, insects and more could die off before we have a chance to make that discovery. It’s mind-blowing and frankly pretty sad.

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    Ten on Tuesday: I can’t even…

    1. I just got back from my mini weekend road trip, and I can’t even pick my brain for anything coherent today. So here are a bunch of random “I can’t even” bullet points instead!

    2. Have you guys seen those ads for Poo-Pourri? I can’t even…apparently this is a real product? How does that girl do the ads without turning beet red from suppressed laughter? Who actually came up with this?

    3. And then there’s Ylvis. Spoiler alert: these guys make music videos that pretty much spoof everything we love to hate about music videos: the fake “deep” lyrics, the slow-mo shots, dance parties in odd places, scripted stories against the dramatic backdrop of the music. It’s comedy. But if you were foreign to earth and stumbled on this video, you would surely get back in your spaceship and exit ASAP. Who would want to risk catching whatever it is we’ve apparently got?

    4. This is so me I can’t even…though to be fair, half the time I’m leaping over a cat and not from some sudden inner burst of delight.


    5. I can’t even. Oh my gosh. Dying.

    Lolcats: O_o
    (via Pinterest via icanhascheezburger.com)
    6. I can’t even drink an opaque liquid now. Oh my gahd Tumblr WHY.
    (via Pinterest via themetapicture.com)
    7. Speaking of which…do you guys remember that news story about the family who all fell mysteriously ill, and then they found the giant ball of mold in the bottom of their orange juice carton? I know I just put you off orange juice forever. Me too.

    8. I can’t even explain why, but I was doubled over laughing for five minutes straight when I saw this picture. Someone please tell me I’m not the only one.

    St. Elmos
    (via Pinterest)
    9. For some reason I recently remembered how badly I wanted to dye my hair pink or burgundy when I was younger. Now I can’t even explain why.

    10. I can’t even wrap my mind around this. M.C. Escher. Wow. The amount of talent here is mind-blowing!

    MC Escher
    (via Pinterest)

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    Random Thursday: Art that inspires me

    I don’t think I could really call myself an art connoisseur. I just know what reaches out and grabs me. I like photos or drawings that evoke a sense of place or mood, or tell a story. I also love photos or drawings that look at something from a different angle. When you look at a drawing or photo–of a person, a place, or an object–and immediately think, “I wonder what the story is here?”–that’s a good piece of art. It draws you in and holds you.

    I think it can be really hard to explain why a piece of music inspires you, but I have always loved Beethoven’s Ninth. I never get tired of hearing it. I think the fact that he was deaf when he wrote it just makes it all the more amazing; it’s a reminder that amazing things can happen even when life doesn’t look so bright.

    Also: this song. I feel like M83 really writes soundtracks, not just singles, so naturally I was thrilled when they wrote the score for Oblivion. Their albums already sound like movie soundtracks, so it was a perfect fit. But you might also know them because “Outro” was used in the trailers for Cloud Atlas.

    I feel like there are some movies that could be considered works of art, because they were just amazing from a visual standpoint, or because of the writing: Inception, Looper, and The Tree of Life all spring to mind. From a storyteller’s point of view these are an amazing one-two punch of putting together all the layers of a story and presenting it in a way that’s more than merely actors standing front of a camera.

    Books that are masterpieces: well obviously, we have to start with The Lord of the Rings; this story has to be one of the most epic tales of courage and friendship ever written. I actually like the movies better than the books, because I think Peter Jackson and his team did a lot to refine Tolkien’s clunky writing and bring everything to life in a way that the novels didn’t necessarily do. And I think that Pride and Prejudice is one of those stories that will be referenced, copied, and parodied until the end of days. We all want to find our Mr. Darcy!

    Fashion definitely counts as an art form. I hate to see people go with whatever is trendy just because they want to look “good”, as in “popular”. I think fashion should be a way to express yourself.

    I also drool over the beauty of really lovely gowns (like every girl, I suppose). I’m inspired by the thought it takes to make something beautiful and different from the rest of the crowd.

    Makeup, too, can be art. I love watching movies or flipping through magazines for makeup to recreate. It’s a way to set the mood and say, “This is who I am today!”


    So what pieces of art inspire you? They can be visual, music, books–anything and everything. Art comes in lots of forms, not just paintings! Tell me in the comments!

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    Ten on Tuesday: early holidays and famous birthdays

    1. I’ve been a terrible linker-upper this past month. Well, what can I say–life gets busier and busier all the time!!

    2. I don’t know where I’d be without Spotify. I don’t listen to the regular radio much anymore.

    3. Thank goodness for my electric blanket! It went from warm and fall-like to forty degrees and pouring rain almost overnight and it’s freezing here.

    4. And thank goodness for vacation…I really need a few days away from the craziness of work before the full plunge into the holiday season!

    5. Speaking of holidays…why does all the Christmas stuff hit shelves in SEPTEMBER?! Seriously?! Who needs to buy a fake tree and window clings that soon?! I want to spend September and October enjoying fall, not thinking about snow and Christmas shopping. One holiday at a time, please.

    6. I am just beyond disappointed to see Rihanna on the November cover of Glamour…I was so thrilled to see Kerry Washington–beautiful, talented, brilliant–on the October cover. But I have been disappointed with Rihanna ever since the whole Chris Brown incident. I was really upset that she would give a long interview about respecting yourself enough to leave an abusive man and how she had a responsibility as a role model to her fans, and then she went right back to him.

    Obviously it’s her personal life and no one has the right to judge, but I feel like no one is willing to shake her and say, “Girlfriend, you deserve better. You are better.” I feel like young girls look at these stars and see only the drama and the glitz and miss all of the quiet knots in the stomach and hidden bruises and pain. I wish these stars would take their position as a role model seriously enough to stand up and say, “You don’t have to take that. You can leave.” And then demonstrate it.

    7. When it comes to TV or books, do you prefer spoilers or not? My husband avoids them at all costs; I don’t mind some spoilers. Sometimes, I confess, I seek them out. What can I say? I’m not good at waiting!

    8. I got really bored and decided to look up all the famous people who share my birthday, because why not. I think it should be a game, like pick a half dozen people who share your birthday and they can be your zombie apocalypse fighting team. Anyway, I get to have some pretty good people on my team I think: Nicole Kidman (survived being married to Tom Cruise, after all), Robert Rodriguez (creator of El Mariachi and badass bucket hat-wearer), Rampage Jackson (member of The A-Team), James Tolkland (remember Strickland from Back to the Future?), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (should have some fighting skills from Kick-Ass), and Tom Wlaschiha (Jaqen H’ghar–say no more). So tell me, which six teammates do you get?

    9. I’ve realized that my Pinterest LOL board is literally a jungle, so I’ve been breaking it up into smaller boards. With over 3300 LOL Pins, that should probably only take, oh, a year or two!

    10. My mind has clearly been all over the place this week!! Tell me if you link up for Ten On Tuesday, I’d love to see what you’re thinking about this week!