Random Thursday: Art that inspires me

I don’t think I could really call myself an art connoisseur. I just know what reaches out and grabs me. I like photos or drawings that evoke a sense of place or mood, or tell a story. I also love photos or drawings that look at something from a different angle. When you look at a drawing or photo–of a person, a place, or an object–and immediately think, “I wonder what the story is here?”–that’s a good piece of art. It draws you in and holds you.

I think it can be really hard to explain why a piece of music inspires you, but I have always loved Beethoven’s Ninth. I never get tired of hearing it. I think the fact that he was deaf when he wrote it just makes it all the more amazing; it’s a reminder that amazing things can happen even when life doesn’t look so bright.

Also: this song. I feel like M83 really writes soundtracks, not just singles, so naturally I was thrilled when they wrote the score for Oblivion. Their albums already sound like movie soundtracks, so it was a perfect fit. But you might also know them because “Outro” was used in the trailers for Cloud Atlas.

I feel like there are some movies that could be considered works of art, because they were just amazing from a visual standpoint, or because of the writing: Inception, Looper, and The Tree of Life all spring to mind. From a storyteller’s point of view these are an amazing one-two punch of putting together all the layers of a story and presenting it in a way that’s more than merely actors standing front of a camera.

Books that are masterpieces: well obviously, we have to start with The Lord of the Rings; this story has to be one of the most epic tales of courage and friendship ever written. I actually like the movies better than the books, because I think Peter Jackson and his team did a lot to refine Tolkien’s clunky writing and bring everything to life in a way that the novels didn’t necessarily do. And I think that Pride and Prejudice is one of those stories that will be referenced, copied, and parodied until the end of days. We all want to find our Mr. Darcy!

Fashion definitely counts as an art form. I hate to see people go with whatever is trendy just because they want to look “good”, as in “popular”. I think fashion should be a way to express yourself.

I also drool over the beauty of really lovely gowns (like every girl, I suppose). I’m inspired by the thought it takes to make something beautiful and different from the rest of the crowd.

Makeup, too, can be art. I love watching movies or flipping through magazines for makeup to recreate. It’s a way to set the mood and say, “This is who I am today!”


So what pieces of art inspire you? They can be visual, music, books–anything and everything. Art comes in lots of forms, not just paintings! Tell me in the comments!


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