99 questions you should ask yourself: part four

Well, I’ve been quite the failure at BEDN. I meant to blog for the past few days but I’ve had some personal things going on this week and I just drew a blank. I couldn’t think of anything to post. I’m trying to get back into the swing of things this week though.

Today I’m posting part four of the ongoing questions series that my friend Katrin dug up. You can find her answers here. Some of these questions are so strange, so remember she isn’t the one who wrote them! We’re just copying and pasting here! :P

31. What are you not made for?

Athletics. I’m not particularly fast or strong and I’m quite clumsy.

32. What secret would you never want your partner to find out?

It’s not a secret if you tell!!

33. Name three things you don’t want people to know about you.

Um, again, it’s not a secret if you tell! But something I generally don’t admit would be…I miss fish. Bad, bad vegan. When my husband makes tuna sandwiches for work it’s about all I can do to not line up with the cats by his feet!!! I wouldn’t eat it again, but there’s just no vegan substitute for it.

34. Why do you think your friends like you?

I asked my husband this and he said, “Because you’re Rat, and everyone loves Rat because he says what everyone else is already thinking but is afraid to say out loud.” (Rat is a character in a comic strip called Pearls Before Swine. This is a good example of his personality.) Okay, so I am honest and sometimes quite blunt about things, which is a good thing because I’m not two-faced. But I do try to temper it with kindness! I would also like to think that my friends like me because I’m a good listener and because I’m funny. I consider a sense of humor to be a very important asset in a friend.

35. How similar is your Facebook self to your real self?

I don’t use Facebook much anymore, but if anything I’m less brash online because I know that things don’t quite look the same in black and white print as they can sound when told face to face. It’s easy to make a remark and have it totally misinterpreted.

36. What is the most annoying thing about your partner?

I don’t know…I think when we got together we went through the “honeymoon phase” where nothing was annoying, and then we went through a stretch where everything was annoying, and now we’ve just settled around each others quirks to the point where they don’t really matter. The only thing that really truly drives me bonkers is if I’m trying to sleep and he starts talking loudly on XBOX chat with his gamer friends–there’s no way to sleep through that. But I accept that as a peril of being a night owl and sleeping at 4 PM when everyone else is just getting off work and wanting to be social.

37.  Why do you publish things on the Internet?

Because I don’t know a lot of people in RL who share my interests, so blogging is a way to meet others who like the same things I do and make new friends in the process!!

38. Do you have a hobby?

Reading. Also, listening to music and watching movies.

39. What do you search for on youporn?

I don’t. Once again, neither Katrin nor I came up with these questions!!

40. Whose Facebook inbox would you love to read?

My boss’ inbox. I can never pin down her personality and I wonder what she’s like away from the stress of work. I think a look at her personal messages would tell me. How nosy, right?!


  • Katrin

    Martha! Thank you so much for answering the questions! I LOVE to read your answers! :) That’s the best part about posting this. And thanks for pointing out that I did not come up with these questions. Hehe. Some are really strange and there are still a lot to come. But thanks for joining me! It means a lot. I love all your answers! And there is vegan fish! I just don’t know if you can get it in America. It is from a company called Vantastic Foods. They have vegan tuna, vegan fish filet and other products. But those are the ones I tried so far and they are both great. You can find the company here: http://vantastic-foods.com/en/
    And here is some vegan tuna I read about on Vegan Cuts but haven’t tried it yet.
    Maybe this will help!

    • Martha Woods

      LOL well they DO make you think and you get to laugh about it, too!! :D I will have to look for that fish! I tried a brand once (but I think it was something other than Vantastic) and it didn’t taste terribly fishy to me. Fishless tuna does sound quite tempting though…I miss tuna sandwiches! And tuna melts!! Thanks for sending me links, you’re such a wealth of info on vegan food, I don’t think I’d find half the stuff I love if you didn’t point it out to me!

  • Celeste

    They really are very funny questions…I don’t think I could answer any of them really..no facebook and no partner. I suppose the only things I am not made for are capitalism and religion.

  • Yun, The Polish Hideout

    Aww bummer about the fish thing. I often think that if I were to go vegetarian, I’d probably miss seafood the most.I wouldn’t really mind not having beef or chicken, but I love seafood, so I’m not sure I could ever give that up.

    ~ Yun

  • Pang Ly

    It’s funny how the questions are asking you to reveal your secrets, lol. I personally do not like to talk to a current significant other about past relationships. You know there are certain things just not meant to be discussed between partners/lovers about the ex. I’ve had a couple ex bf wanting to know some intimate details about my past and I just say you know what, that’s none of your business. If my past relationships affect how you feel about me or make you insecure, then you got a problem with yourself and your ego.

  • Be-Quoted.com

    Not sure what happened to the comment I was typing. It disappeared mid-keystroke…there are so many secrets that my husband could bet he’ll never know about. As far as FB self v. real Andrea, they are definitely not one in the same. My FB page is pretty lame. I’d like to think I’m more fun than my page. Youporn? Lol. I won’t touch that one. I love this post Martha!

  • MakeUp Guinea Pig

    Grr! Erased my comment again! :) I’m not athletic either. I received “D”s in gym. How do you get a “D” in PE?!?! :) And so many people have misunderstood me over the years with texts, emails, etc. Sarcasm just does NOT translate! :)

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