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    Ten on Tuesday: non-Christmas music and other randoms

    1. I’m trying very hard to not be tempted by all the big Christmas beauty sales going on. I’ve seen some really good deals from brands like Tarte and Julep but I’m trying to be good and not spend any money on myself right now so I’ll have rainy day money post-holidays.

    2. It finally feels like an appropriate time to start thinking about Christmas. Obviously the stores have been ready for Christmas since September, but I don’t really feel ready until a month or so beforehand. Now I’m ready for pine candles, Christmas lights, and all the mint-flavored treats…but no Christmas music yet, please.

    3. I’ll keep listening to my regular music until about December 23rd. That is, unless I’m at work, where it will no doubt be forced on me.

    4. When I do break out the Christmas music, it will be Enya’s And Winter Came and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Christmas Eve and Other Stories. My husband likes the old Frank Sinatra-type stuff, but I hear enough of that at work!

    5. A Dance With Dragons is FINALLY out in paperback. Debating whether to read it now, or wait for the rest of the books so I don’t have another frustrating period of lag between installments.

    6. I’ve also got another series from the library that I’m ready to start reading, just as soon as I get a hold of book one. I have books two, three, and four. Go figure.

    7. I’m not normally a rap person, but here’s one of my new workout tunes.

    8. I totally confess to being challenged in the nail art department, but Amy from Small Budget Beauty posted this water marble tutorial recently and somehow this style finally “clicked” for me. I think I’ll try it for Christmas in red, white and green.

    9. This is one of the really soothing songs I’ve had on my playlist recently.

    10. And this one.


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    Recipe Writers link up: November 2013

    On the first of every month we will introduce a new theme depending on the month and all share our recipes here. The link party will open on the first of every month and close on the last day. This way you will have time to share a recipe before the holiday (if there is one)  so others can try it, check out other recipes to try yourself or even have time to post one after the actual holiday. For example, this month we are having Thanksgiving favorites and next month will be Christmas related.

    I’m excited to get started and try out everyone else’s recipes!

    Well, first of all let’s introduce the co-hosts!

    Amanda Rose from Sew Much 2 Say

    Casey from Bookcasey

    Use this icon in your post or on your blog:


    <a href=”http://SewMuch2say.com” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://writergirlm.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/150-x-150.jpg” alt=”www.SewMuch2Say.com” width=”125″ height=”125″ /></a>

    Remember, this link up is open until the end of the month and we will have a new one next month (I’ll give you a hint, next month’s theme is cookie-related!) starting on the 1st of the month.

    So what are you waiting for? Make your favorite Thanksgiving recipe, blog about it and share your favorite holiday recipes with us!

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    Glowy winter makeup (selfie)

    Well, I suppose I kind of failed at BEDN–I skipped out yesterday because I was way too tired from work to even check my e-mail, let alone sit down and compose a post. Today’s prompt is supposed to be writing about something outside of your comfort zone, but sadly today I am again drawing a blank on a proper post!

    However, I do have something that kind of counts–a selfie from our movie date night last week. I feel weird posting selfies either on the blog or social media, probably just because I am not used to it. So here you go! (Sorry for the grainy quality, I didn’t have time to dig out the real camera for a snapshot.)

    It was a chilly, snowy day, so I went with a knit hat and fluffy scarf to keep me warm. To get a low-makeup look that was rosy and bright, I used a tinted moisturizer all over to subtly warm up my skin tone, then used a blend of peach and wine blushes to warm up my cheeks. A generous amount of highlighter on cheek and brow bones and in the inner corner of the eyes adds more glow. I used  waterproof mascara (to avoid smudging in the damp) and a trace of creamy pencil on the waterline to brighten my eyes. A slick of lip balm and light pink gloss finished it all off.

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    Kitty spam!

    Today’s BEDN prompt is supposed to be “A day in the life”, but to be honest I’ve done so many similar posts on this blog over the past year I think you’d all gag if I gave you another. Instead, as any day in my life involves lots of Max and Jiao, please enjoy some recent kitty spam.

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    Random Thursday: I can’t resist buying…

    Well, I have a weakness for a lot of things. But I have to be good and rein myself in, since we try to stick to a budget and I’m trying to save money for fewer large purchases as opposed to tons and tons of small purchases. In the end I find a trip home or something big like that more satisfying than lots of little things scattered around the house.

    That said, when I do have money to spend, these are the things that always get my wallet out:

    1. Books. Our local Goodwill store has a huge wall of paperbacks priced for a buck each. Yep, $1. I do get most of my books from the library but I like to keep some books on hand for the dry spells when none of my holds are available. And when I’m done reading them, I can pass them on to someone else so they’ll be loved thrice-over–it’s a win-win all around. Recently I managed to snag Shutter Island, Anna Karenina, and a bunch of others all in practically new condition.

    2. Nail polish. In my defense I almost always wait until there’s a sale. I can’t go really wild with makeup at work but I can paint my nails any shade I please, so I hoard more nail polish than any other makeup item.

    3. Coffee/tea. There is always room for coffee and tea in Martha’s Monthly Budget, especially once the limited edition holiday flavors hit the shelf!

    4. Chocolate. Little things make life sunnier I think, so I can almost always justify buying chocolate as a sort of low-cost mental health item.

    5. Things with cute animals on them. Whether it’s a penguin coffee mug or a wallet with a fox on it, I manage to find all sorts of reasons not to pass up an item with some cute animal on it. I’m partial to cats (obviously), penguins, foxes, polar bears and birds, especially owls.

    So what are some of the things you can never resist buying? Tell me in the comments!