Random Thursday: I can’t resist buying…

Well, I have a weakness for a lot of things. But I have to be good and rein myself in, since we try to stick to a budget and I’m trying to save money for fewer large purchases as opposed to tons and tons of small purchases. In the end I find a trip home or something big like that more satisfying than lots of little things scattered around the house.

That said, when I do have money to spend, these are the things that always get my wallet out:

1. Books. Our local Goodwill store has a huge wall of paperbacks priced for a buck each. Yep, $1. I do get most of my books from the library but I like to keep some books on hand for the dry spells when none of my holds are available. And when I’m done reading them, I can pass them on to someone else so they’ll be loved thrice-over–it’s a win-win all around. Recently I managed to snag Shutter Island, Anna Karenina, and a bunch of others all in practically new condition.

2. Nail polish. In my defense I almost always wait until there’s a sale. I can’t go really wild with makeup at work but I can paint my nails any shade I please, so I hoard more nail polish than any other makeup item.

3. Coffee/tea. There is always room for coffee and tea in Martha’s Monthly Budget, especially once the limited edition holiday flavors hit the shelf!

4. Chocolate. Little things make life sunnier I think, so I can almost always justify buying chocolate as a sort of low-cost mental health item.

5. Things with cute animals on them. Whether it’s a penguin coffee mug or a wallet with a fox on it, I manage to find all sorts of reasons not to pass up an item with some cute animal on it. I’m partial to cats (obviously), penguins, foxes, polar bears and birds, especially owls.

So what are some of the things you can never resist buying? Tell me in the comments!


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