Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: I’ve been away so long!

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1. I’m taking this course on forensic science from FutureLearn and really loving it so far. I went ahead and signed up for classes on modern business and Shakespeare for March!

2. I’m really on a Led Zeppelin kick lately, and I don’t know why.

3. This is no doubt one of the best Pins I’ve ever found. No more excuses for not sneaking in a few moves, even if I don’t have time for a regular workout!


4. Is it weird that I enjoy housecleaning? It’s how I relax on Sunday mornings after a long night at work.
5. I was so excited to get a bit of snow last week, but the next day it started raining and all the snow went away. Waaaaaahhh!
6. I get insanely frustrated when I’m waiting on a library hold and don’t get it in time because the last person decided not to return it on time. It’s a FREE book. You borrowed it for FREE. You don’t even have to pay to be a member of the library. And you get that FREE book for a MONTH. But you can’t return it on time for the next person who wants to read it?!
7. I finally picked out colors for my Zoya promo order: Charisma, Darcy, Destiny, Purity, Rue, and Song. (Three were free, and the other free bumped up the order total high enough so I could get free shipping.) I can’t wait to get my new polishes! Zoya is hands-down my favorite polish brand ever.
8. Is it weird that I would rather spend a little more to get the free shipping? I mean, c’mon. $12 worth of shipping fees is another polish and a half!
9. I finally went to see Catching Fire and good grief, it was intense. Loved it.
10. I’m once again feeling tempted by bangs. Even though I know they don’t look so hot with my thinnish hair. Even though I hate styling them. Even though I hate growing them out. In other words, even though I have no reason to get them and am sure I’ll be tired of them within a week…I want them.


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