Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: stalky

1. Am I the only one who stalks the mailman when I’m waiting on a package?

2. And also, blogs. If you have some sort of “you might also like…” linky on your posts, prepare to be post-stalked. Especially if I’m trying to avoid working on posts of my own. (But I’m a good post-stalker and leave lots of comments, so win-win.)

3. I just found this girl’s blog and she tells the best stories. The ‘Karly’s Keywords’ posts had me in stitches. I may or may not have read all of them.

4. Also: Pinterest stalking. Totally a thing. Excellent way to see if we would be good friends in real life. You also post inappropriate humor, death by chocolate recipes and an outlandish number of cute baby animals? We should pursue this further.

5. Totally switching topics…I can’t believe January is almost over. Where did it go?

6. It’s trying to snow here, but it’s mostly just sleeting and melting. Apparently there is more snow in Atlanta right now than in my yard. Not fair.

7. Typos in magazines really bother me. Like, you’re a nationally delivered publication with a giant editorial board, surely you have a copywriter to catch these errors?!

8. I found a vegan bakery nearby that I never knew existed, so now I’m planning an epic cupcake eating expedition for Valentine’s Day!!! I can’t wait. Apparently they have flavors like chocolate peanut butter, carrot cake, chocolate peppermint, coconut, orange cream…oops, I’m drooling.

9. I finally figured out how to add a Pin button to my blog pictures…so now if you hover, you’ll see my little Pinterest cat pop up in the upper left-hand corner. It wasn’t nearly as hard as I assumed it would be, thanks to this tutorial.

10. Also–I finally got a treadmill! It’s just a little one, nothing fancy, but I’m so excited. Now I can watch TV while I work out. So. Much. Win.


  • Pang Ly

    It feels like the north pole where I live. I need to explore my town a little more. It’s nice when you find a new place that you know you are going to enjoy. I noticed too that you now have a cool pin button.

  • Alyssa Whitt

    3. I just started following her too! Love it!
    4. Good grief I’ve been addicted to Pinterest lately. It’s bad.
    5. I know! Seems like we just had New Years!
    6. It finally stopped here a couple of hours ago. We left work at about 11 and I really don’t know if we’ll be able to go tomorrow! It’s not supposed to get above freezing until THURSDAY.
    9. And of course I love the kitty pin it button.
    10. WANT!! That would probably change my life.
    Thank you SO MUCH for linking up!

    • Martha Woods

      Doesn’t Karly just tell the best stories?! She’s hilarious!!

      It really does feel like the year just started. I think I should celebrate the Chinese New Year this weekend. Extra holiday + excuse to eat junk food + redux of the holiday I slept through = totally works for me!

      Thanks for stopping by!!

  • Frances

    oh my gosh I DEF stalk the mail man. I’m loving those pinterest sentiments- you can tell a lot about a person. I love your custom pin button, that is so stinking cute, I recently figured out how to do it too!

    Enjoy the treadmill!!

  • Katrin

    I totally stalk the mailman. You are not alone!
    A vegan bakery? That is fantastic! I wish I had one in my area as well! You need to post about it, okay? :)
    I want a treadmill as well! I finally started to work out again and I want to stick to it.
    I can’t even tell you how much typos in magazines or newspapers bother me. Our local newspaper is full of them and it always drives me crazy!

    • Martha Woods

      I will have to take pictures of the food! I wish we had more vegan options nearby.

      The typo that really killed me said, “Studies show that becoming a vegetarian can reduce your risk of death by X percent,” instead of “risk of early death” or something like that. They make it sound like you’ll cut your risk of death, period! So I guess we’re immortals now :D

  • lissa

    #1 – I do that sometimes but only for those very important packages

    #2 – me too. if I’m at a new blog and I like their content, I would browse a lot, all the way to their first post, though I don’t leave as much comments as I would like

    #4 – I’m thinking of joining pinterest but I fear I might just end up spening too much time there and ignoring everything else.

    #7 – I don’t read magazines anymore but when I do come across typos, especially in books that are suppose to be edited, I wonder what went wrong or if the author catches the mistake, would he/she go bonkers?

    #9 – I might do that too. thanks for the link.

    hope you have a great day.

  • Amy Yelton

    I totally stalk the mailman while waiting on a package, and if it has a tracking number I stalk the website LOL I will be giving the Pinterest tutorial a try, been wanting to figure out how to do that for a long time, so thank you for sharing! Who doesn’t love a good post stalker that lives awesome comments!

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