Random Thursday: What I Love/Hate About Valentines Day

I’m totally in the “I love Valentines Day” camp. I don’t think it has to be only about romantic love–it’s a great day to celebrate love in all forms, between family, for friends, for your furry friends, for life. Love is an excellent thing to celebrate!

I love the excuse to eat rich food, especially chocolate. I mean, who doesn’t? I always see lots of rich desserts that I want to try for the holiday.

I love seeing flowers everywhere. I love flowers.

I love the excuse to get fancied up and go out. I spend way too much time sitting around at home in my sweats with no makeup on. Putting on some lipstick and high heels and going out to a nice restaurant is A-OK by me!

Secretly, I love that it marks the halfway point of February. This is just one of those months I dislike, though it’s not Feburary’s fault; it’s just so gloomy and grey and cold, and I feel stuck between proper winter and the promise of spring. So hitting the halfway point is a big deal!

The major thing I don’t like about this holiday is the same thing I dislike about all major holidays: the focus on consumerism. The pressure to buy gifts, to go on expensive dates, etc.–everyone feels pressured to spend enough and give enough, everyone ends up broke and unhappy. It’s dumb. Shouldn’t spending time with loved ones be enough?

Another thing I dislike: how mean people can be toward the singles on V-Day. It seems that no matter how accomplished you are in life, if you’re single on Valentines, you’re a loser. That’s so wrong. Why should you be defined by your relationship status?!

What do you love or hate about Valentines Day?


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