Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: Super Bowl, snow and super-blonde

1. What a Super Bowl…I honestly expected Denver to win. Go Seattle!!

2. On a related note, kudos to Peyton Manning for being hella classy in the face of an epic loss. Sometimes it seems like professional athletes are incredibly spoiled and selfish, so it’s refreshing to see one be so gracious.

3. We finally got several inches of snow, along with temps hovering at zero. I foresee a great deal of hiding inside and doing nothing all week.

4. I was so excited to finally get a treadmill, and then I managed to tear or sprain something in my leg this weekend…so no playing around with my new toy for awhile. I’m beyond annoyed.

5. I’m getting that perennial seasonal itch to change up my hair. First it was bangs. Now for some insane reason I’m feeling really tempted to go blonde…like, really, really blonde. I’m trying to talk myself out of it.

6. Beyond annoyed that Taylor Swift is on the cover of Glamour again. I don’t care for her and I’m sick of her relationship drama. Aren’t there any other talented young ladies out there that these magazines could profile?

7. Purple lipstick or not? I’m thinking of a shade like MAC’s Heroine. Any vegan suggestions? Tips for pulling it off?

8. My cat seemingly decided to shed all of his fur at once this weekend. I brushed out enough fur in one sitting to knit a cat sweater. I thought pets only did that when the warm weather hit?

9. Very irritated that Amazon doesn’t take PayPal. I get it, PayPal is owned by eBay and eBay and Amazon are competitors, etc. etc. etc.  Still doesn’t erase my irritation.

10. I think one of my biggest pet peeves has to be people who procrastinate like crazy, but constantly point out the procrastinations of others. Makes me want to tear my hair out.


  • Lila

    YES to purple lipstick! I love it personally. I especially like it with more neutral eye makeup, like a light or rosy gold shade but I think you can also rock the bold eye with a purple lipstick! I haven’t tried Heroine yet but I tend to go for slightly lighter, more pinky purple shades (like the Maybelline Vivids shade Brazen Berry!). But if you want a cheaper version, Revlon’s Matte Balm in Shameless looks pretty similar and is really comfy to wear…

  • Kristan B

    I’m having the blonde craving too, maybe it’s because spring is around the corner and? I didn’t know that about Amazon and Paypal! If you order off Amazon a lot, look into Amazon Prime! It definitely feeds my online shopping addiction with free shipping!

  • Frannie Pantz

    In Colorado, we don’t talk about the SB any more. LOL I don’t even like football, but I watched it and it was soooooo awful. But I always have been a fan of PM in general. He seems like a good guy. My dog has been shedding like crazy too! I wear a sweater of her fur everyday it seems!

  • Lora Ashley

    We are expected to get snow here too and ice. I will be limiting my out and about time to basically nothing other than the gym and work. I see no need to be cold if I don’t have to!

    I thought the same way with my cats fur too! It’s cold keep your coat so I don’t have to keep vaccuming and combing and lint rolling lol

    • Martha Woods

      If you shop around sometimes you can find a really basic model for under $150, or lower if you’re willing to go with a used model. I think February is a good time to look for one because a lot of people who bought exercise gear for the new year are now trying to get rid of unused machines that have barely seen any wear. :)

  • Ms. Attitude

    1. Me too

    6. Ugh. I’m sick of her for a while.

    7. Purple is tough. The wrong shade can make you look old. Be careful!

    10. Ha! I deal with this too.

  • Alyssa Whitt

    1. I was honestly just pulling for Seattle because their colors are pretty.
    3. I thoroughly enjoyed my one day to hide and do nothing last week!
    6. We just became best friends.
    8. Haha! I know that feeling. I swear, the cat hair just…floats at our house.
    THANK YOU for linking up!

    • Martha Woods

      When I saw on your “about” page that you didn’t like her either, I was like, Holy cow–this must be the only other girl on the planet who feels this way! LOL Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  • Katrin

    1.I expected Denver to win too!
    2. More people should be like that!
    3.Sounds great! I hope you enjoy!
    4. Oh no, I am so sorry! Feel better soon! :*
    5. I feel you! And I think you would look cute with blonde hair. Give it a try! You can always change it back! My hair is darker right now and I have to say that I miss my blonde hair!
    6. I don’t care for her at all either. There are much more interesting people out there!
    7. Yay for purple lipstick! I recommend Hoochie by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics!
    8. A cat sweater sounds lovely. Haha. But yeah, my cats lose some fur all the time.
    9. I did not even know about that.
    10. That really sounds annoying!

    • Martha Woods

      The sprain is more annoying than anything. My husband told me I needed to take it easy, if I knew what that was…harhar!

      I have never tried OCC, but I’ve heard such great things about them! I will check out that shade. Thanks for the recommendation!!

  • Elle Sees

    the first time i was ever “snowed in” (i know, i know, it’s georgia…hush!) i decided i was gonna use my time and work out. pulled a neck muscle the first day. ha! so yes, i feel ya on the treadmill injury.

  • Pang Ly

    I’d love to color my hair in a vibrant red shade but can’t because of my office job. New hair color or hair style is fun. I just don’t like the maintenance. Definitely try purple lipstick. It’s not as bad as you think. I like to wear purple with a subtle eye look or even just a dark winged liner. You can’t go wrong with a bold smoky eye look either, although it may be more suitable for an evening look.

    • Martha Woods

      I loved the look you had with Heroine! I’ll have to hunt around and see what I can find. With purple being the “it” color this year it seems a shame not to try it just once :)

  • Autumn Caravona

    I don’t like Terrible Swift either. I absolutely can’t stand her.
    I say go for it with the purple lipstick! Try it light first before you go full on!
    I got the seasonal itch to get bangs and did them myself. Giant regret. LOL. Are you kind of torn on going blonde? Like not sure? If you are, don’t do it! But I say if you really want to do it go for it!
    Anya is in the middle of shedding as well. It’s killing my allergies.
    I don’t like that Amazon doesn’t take PayPal either. I mean come on now, get over the petty nonsense. Lol

    • Martha Woods

      Glad we’re in agreement on her! :P My biggest concern with going blonde is damaging my hair, when I just got it back to being healthy and growing out long. I think I’ll stick with the dark. Maybe one of these days I’ll go the Kim K route and try a blonde wig, just for fun!!

  • MakeUp Guinea Pig

    Don’t go super blonde! If you like it, it’s such a pain to maintain. Plus getting it there takes FOREVER if your hair isn’t almost blonde to begin with and you have to deal with the brassy monsters! :) I wish I didn’t like being a blonde! :)

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