Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: official spring, cookies, and pet bats

1. I can’t even tell you how thrilled I am that spring officially starts in two days.

2. I discovered that I’m really only a cookie person until I’m too lazy to form dough into individual cookies, and then I’m totally fine with cake. Apparently any sweet of a bakery variety will do.

3. Every time I look at this photo (source as yet unknown to me), I think of Bryson and Katz from A Walk in the Woods. If you’ve never read anything by Bill Bryson you must start now, because he’s hilarious as well as intelligent.


4. Why does this make me laugh so hard?


5. My husband really knows my weak spots: he keeps saying he wants to get one of the new Xbox One consoles, but I don’t want to dish out the cash for it. Last week he promised that if he gets one, I can get another cat. That sort of temptation should be illegal!

6. Speaking of which, I must find this vending machine immediately.

7. I just love bats! Sooo cute–like little cats with wings. (More pics here.)


8. If this place really exists, then I want to go there.

9. I’d love to get a tattoo like this with my husband or best friend. Even though I’ve heard that tattoos on the feet hurt like crazy.

10. Basically me on the weekend.



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