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Thought Questions, day #12: What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?

While reading Danielle’s blog Underland to Wonderland, I came across a post in which she talked about the website Thought Questions and their 365 thought-provoking questions to ask yourself over the course of a year. I decided that I would start answering one of the questions each day for the next year. Not only will this give me a reason to blog every day for a year straight, it will get my creative juices flowing–and I think it will be fun! If you join in please leave me a comment so I can see your answers too. :)

Day #12: What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?

I have a lot of bad habits that could use some airing, like eating my body weight in carbs or cussing liberally. But if there was one thing I could do without getting gasps and raised eyebrows, it would be telling the parents of misbehaving children what I really think. It’s so not socially acceptable to vent at people with children, even if their kids are total assholes. Consider the following scenarios:

You, mother at Target, who let her pack of wild animals nearly knock down an elderly shopper while they were racing through the beauty aisles. Instead of making them stop, you laughed and kept talking on your cell phone. Lady, there are leash laws in this city for a reason.

You, parents who brought their screaming baby to a late movie and disrupted it for all of us adults in attendance. I didn’t pay $14 for a movie ticket to listen to your child scream, and you shush him instead of leaving the damn theater. It’s 9 PM! Shouldn’t he be in bed anyway?

And you, parent at Bath & Body Works. When you left the store and realized your daughter had pocketed merchandise, you hastily stuffed it back and walked away. You just missed a golden opportunity to teach your child about the consequences of shoplifting, but I guess it would have been embarrassing to go back in the store and admit to a clerk that your kid needs their butt beat.

There is definitely no sign of intelligent life in these scenarios.

What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?


    • Martha Woods

      Yes! And I’m sure when their kids get older and get into trouble of an adult kind, they’ll say they did nothing wrong raising them and don’t know how they could have turned out so bad!

  • Lora Ashley

    AH! I couldn’t agree more with this! I was at the theater once and this kid no lie jumped up and down and carried on the entire time. It was driving me nuts! If they cannot handle being out in public and being in a movie then LEAVE.

    • Martha Woods

      For real. And yet if you say anything, you’re being “judgmental”. Well, yes, I am judging you for not teaching your child manners. I would never have gotten away with that kind of crap!

  • Celeste

    Ahh…see I actually do that! I also yell at teenagers in the street when they are being annoying and tell people to pick up their rubbish when they litter. So far no one has punched me :)

  • Pang Ly

    lol…You have some good points there. I raised 3 kids and it wasn’t until they reached 10 years old that things were finally starting to calm down. I remember having to take them all grocery shopping when they were toddlers. OMG it was always a circus! Sometimes they’d be so annoying that I would pinch them since I can’t slap them publicly! LOL. No matter what I said, they just won’t listen. Needless to say, I tried avoiding taking them out unless I really have to or unless we’re going to the park or something like that.

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