Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: time to unscrew my smile

1. I haven’t linked up in FOREVER. Stupid schedule.

2. This.


3. I had forgotten how much I love this movie, and Sandra Bullock. And this is totally how I feel at work lately.


4. Speaking of work, they’re changing our dress code again. FREAKING AGAIN. I look forward to having a cute new wardrobe for work, I just don’t look forward to spending money on it.

5. I’m honestly shocked by how quickly we got our tax refund check this year. Not even a full four weeks in between sending in the papers and getting the check. Yowza.

6. I so want this for my house…just not for $1300.


7. You know you’ve got a good husband when he prints out pictures of cute baby animals and pins them up at random around the house to surprise you when he knows you’ve had a rough day. So far I’ve got baby bats in blankies (squeeeeeeee) and a miniature pig.

8. I’d love this quote as a tattoo.


9. This is a really cute story about a swimmer in New Zealand who was being followed by a shark, until a pod of dolphins surrounded him to keep the shark at bay.

10. And then there’s this one, about a dog who helps his owner speak even though he’s losing his verbal skills to Alzheimers.


  • EstheticGoddess

    Animals are amazing! Dog are trained to smell when a diabetics sugar drops too low before the person even realizes it! You can totally craft that cat thing for a lot less mula.

  • Katrin

    1. Happy to read your Ten On Tuesday.
    2. Oh yes, that really means you are overworked.
    3. Need to watch it again!
    4. That sucks. Can you at least get stuff you can wear outside of work as well?
    5. Yay!
    6. This is fantastic! I am thinking about building a cat tree myself!
    7. Your husband rocks!
    8. Do you have a tattoo? I have always thought about getting one…
    9+10. Animals are such fabulous animals. We could all live in peace together…but no, humans have to destroy everything.

    • Martha Woods

      4. I suppose so–I have to get black dress slacks, white button-downs and black, white or navy cardigans and blazers. So it’s really mix and match. I just don’t feel like shopping right now :P
      8. I don’t have any tattoos yet–I somehow just haven’t gotten around to it! Maybe this summer I’ll finally get started. :P

  • Pang Ly

    What dress code did they change? We are now allowed to wear opened toe shoes but I’ve been too busy and tired to do my toe nails, lol. I know I’m overworked cause my eye has been twitching for days!

    • Martha Woods

      We have to wear black pants, black dress shoes, black belts, white shirts (no colors!), and black blazers or sweaters. I’m going to look like a penguin!!

      I need to do a pedicure too but I’ve been too worn out, lol.

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