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Thought Questions, day 82: Do you own your things or do your things own you?

I got these questions from Danielle’s blog Underland to Wonderland, where I came across a post in which she talked about the website Thought Questions and their 365 thought-provoking questions to ask yourself. My friends Katrin, Celeste and Jasmine have also been answering these questions, so be sure to go check out their blogs too!

Day 82: Do you own your things or do your things own you? I would say at this point, for the most part, I own my things. I think it’s hard to say with 100% confidence that some of my things don’t own me, because I’m very attached to certain things–cough, computer, cough–and obviously we all have those sentimental things we can’t bear to lose, like a piece of jewelry or a drawing.

Also, some people view pets as possessions of a sort, and my cats certainly do own me!

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  • Z @ Kicking Kilos

    Boy, now Im tempted to link up. But, I just wrote a post.
    I think my ‘coke’ owns me.
    I think my ‘laziness ‘ owns me.

    Come to think of it, all I own is a Samsung Note2 AND SOME GOOD (NOW TIGHT) DRESSES!

  • Katrin

    Haha, that picture is hilarious. I am pretty sure that is how my cats feel too. :)
    I tend to get attached to things which is pretty bad but I am working on it. I could never get rid of my books though.

  • Yun, The Polish Hideout

    Haha my chinchilla definitely owns me. Other than that, I own my things. There’s no better feeling in the world than periodically going through stuff I don’t need and making a donation pile. Getting rid of clutter makes me feel free and unencumbered, if that makes sense. :)

    ~ Yun

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