Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday: ’90s fashion and the DMV

1. Officially on vacation and I could not be happier.

2. It’s horrifying, but I totally dressed like this way back when. Gawd.


3. Renewing my driver’s license this year was a toss-up between a mail renewal (but no new picture) and waiting in line at the DMV (but getting a better picture than last year). I chose to renew in person, obvs.

4. I think my next tattoo will be a series of Viking runes. I also really love this one, though I don’t think it’s for me personally.


5. It’s been about a month and the plants on my deck are still alive. I call that a win.

6. What happened to summer? It was so hot and sunny, and now it’s cold and rainy. Yeah, I know I’ll be complaining about the heat later.

7. My desire to eat healthy is being thwarted by my deep love of carbs. I could give up dessert and sugary drinks if only I could eat bread and noodles without gaining an ounce. Yum.

8. And also, this:


9. Isn’t this an amazing apartment?! (Click on the picture to go to the full article and see more pictures. It’s in Sweden and is just beautiful.)


10. I had a coworker like this, and I was so tempted to say something similar to him. The dude literally acted like he swallowed an encyclopedia before he came to work. But luckily Captain Britannica quit before I could get myself into trouble.




  • Katrin

    #1. Enjoy your vacation! Yay! You deserve it!
    #2. I remember those pants! Wasn’t it a Techno scene thing? I think in Europe it was! I looked like Kurt Cobain paired with 70’s Adidas training jackets.
    #4. That is one huge tattoo! By the way, did yours hurt a lot?
    #7. Agreed.
    #9. I want to live there. So beautiful!

    • Martha Woods

      I think it was! Geez, the things we wore…I wonder if we’ll ever look back and say that about the stuff we’re wearing today?

      It hurt more and less than I expected, if that makes sense. It feels like a hot knife, but if you’re going over bones you’ll also feel kind of bruised. So for the most part it was about a 5 or 6 out 10, which was less than I thought it would be, but once he went over the bones or doing the really long strokes (like on the swirly “A”) it was about an 8, which was pretty bad. It wasn’t so bad that I’d never do it again, but I don’t know that I’d want to sit through a really long session for a huge tattoo, and I’ll be avoiding bony areas from now on!

  • Lora Ashley

    LOL I use to dress like that too. Thankfully there are no pictures because digital cameras weren’t around then.

  • Alyssa Whitt

    1. Woo hoo! Congrats!
    2. Oh my stars. You just reached into my pre-teen years. Alloy was thebomb.com!!
    3. I have to do this soon and I’m DREADING it.
    7. I heart carbs.
    9. Love it. It’s minimalist without looking like you live in a sanitary room.
    Thanks for linking up! Enjoy your vacay!

  • Pang Ly

    LMAO oh yes I remember that style back in the 90’s. No worries, I think most of us dressed like that, haha. #8 is totally me!
    I hate going to the DMV! I swear the DMV staff look like a bunch of grumpy snails. Watching them work slo-mo drives me nuts. Enjoy your vacay! I sure could use one too.

  • Yun, The Polish Hideout

    Yay hope you have a wonderful time on your vacation! :) Haha I think most people dressed like that in the 90s. That apartment in Sweden looks gorgeous! So charming and full of personality. It reminds me of a home we visited in Stockholm when we were there 2 years ago. :)

    ~ Yun

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