Thought Questions

Thought Questions, day 101: What is your number one goal for the next six months?

I got these questions from Danielle’s blog Underland to Wonderland, where I came across a post in which she talked about the website Thought Questions and their 365 thought-provoking questions to ask yourself. My friends Katrin, Celeste and Jasmine have also been answering these questions, so be sure to go check out their blogs too! 

Day 101: What is your number one goal for the next six months? To get in the best shape of my life. I really slacked off exercising and started eating way too much junk food this spring just because I was stressed, and not only did I really get out of shape, my mood went way down as well. Now I’m back on a super-healthy diet and trying to exercise daily instead of sitting on the sofa watching TV. It’s working–my energy is back up and I’ve dropped ten pounds in a month. (I know that sounds like a lot, but it isn’t when you look at how I was eating before and after. The liquid calories were especially terrible.) I want to be back down to my pre-wedding weight by the end of summer (fifteen pounds to go) and I want to maintain that through the holidays instead of sliding into a junk food coma like I always do. That way I can ring in the New Year happy and healthy, instead of sugared out and not feeling good because I’m snacking on garbage all day long.


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